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Lambda Spectral Path Tracer  by Bacterius    *****


Time Spent: 1 month
Date Added: Oct 18 2012 07:26 PM

Physically based spectral path tracer written in C++, still largely a work in progress but quite functional as illustrated above. The image features physically correct Fresnel-weighted refractions and reflections as well as diffuse interreflection ("color bleeding").

This path tracer uses an optimized bounding volume hierarchy to accelerate ray tracing, allowing it to support scenes well into the tens of millions of objects with only a logarithmic performance hit. Another feature is the easy integration of scalable multithreading, thanks to OpenMP.

The code is available for free at github under the MIT license.

Feedback and/or contributions are very welcome!  
Code::Blocks w/ GCC 4.6.
Delphi 6.

  • You cannot edit this iotd