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Game Development Dictionary

File Formats

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  Term Name Description


.PCX is a graphic format created by ZSoft. Was sometimes used in DOS and early Windows games as it is a fairly simple format and supports Run-Length Encoding.


Portable Network Graphics. A graphics format that was brought about due to the licensing disagreements conerning GIF and JPEG.


TIFF is an acronym for Tag(ged) Image File Format. It is one of the most popular and flexible of the current public domain raster file formats.


A plain unformatted ASCII text file.

VOC File

Creative Labs' sound format made popular with the Sound Blaster.

WAV File

A file which stores audio information, saved with a ".wav" extension. WAV files are commonly used in big budget games because they provide excellent sound quality. But it takes a lot of data to provide such high quality sound. So WAV files are larger than those of other audio file formats. (Microsoft's standard sound exchange format.)


Extensible Markup Language - A metalanguage written in SGML that allows you to design a markup language, used to allow for the easy interchange of documents on the World Wide Web.

World Wide Web Consortium