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Game Development Dictionary

File Formats

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  Term Name Description


Musical Instrument Digital Interface. The interface between different sound hardware and software to pass on musicial information.


.PCX is a graphic format created by ZSoft. Was sometimes used in DOS and early Windows games as it is a fairly simple format and supports Run-Length Encoding.


Graphics Interchange Format. A format for saving graphics that usually uses a 8-bit (256 color) indexed bitmap.


The MPEG-3 format. An audio format with CD quality music. It is usually created by converting a WAV file to the format via an MP3 Converter.

VOC File

Creative Labs' sound format made popular with the Sound Blaster.


A fairly common audio standard, an acronym for Audio Interchange File Format.


A format for encoding video. MPEG-1 was the original format which is used extensively for computer graphics, MPEG-2 is the basis for DVD.