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Game Development Dictionary


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One of the leading turn-based games ever developed. Originally based on a board game by Avalon Hill, and put to the computer by design god Sid Meier. The franchise contains Civilization (one by MicroProse and one by Avalon Hill), CivNet (A multiplayer version of Civilization), Civilization II (MPS), Civ: Call to Power (Activision), and various expansions to Civilization 2 (Multiplayer Gold, Fantastic Worlds, Test of Time). Alpha Centauri is often considered to be a Sci-Fi sequel. Civilization III has been announced to be in development.

Rainbow Six

Created in 1998 by Red Storm, who was founded by Tom Clancy, Rainbow 6 is a first-person tactical shooter and a major revolution in FPS games, bringing in a new level of depth. (WWW)

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

A RPG/Adventure game made by Nintendo in 1998. It is the 5th game out of the series and is about a boy named Link who is courageous to save the Princess Zelda from the evil Gannondorf.

Zelda hold the triforce piece of wisdom, Link has the triforce piece of courage, and Gannondorf steals the triforce piece of power. Link needs to save all the pieces to make a triforce (powers that make up the whole world) so that Gannondorf can't rule the world.

Considered by some to be one of the best games of all time.


Doom is a game that is a landmark for the first person shooter game genre. Wolfenstein3D was the first FPS game but Doom took this idea to the next level. With unique monsters, dark levels, motivating music and the monster noises designed to give you nightmares for weeks the game is a classic. There were 4 dooms released. Ultimate Doom, Doom ][, Doom: TNT, and Doom: Plutonia. The sucess of these games has spawned off many first person shooters and has made the market what it is today. These games were developed by ID software. Other titles made by ID include Quake 1, Quake 2 and the new Quake 3: Arena.

Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D was a game designed by 3d Realms. It uses portals and sectors (similar to Doom) in order to give the illusion of 3d space using a 2d mapping system. The mapping system and level designer are called Build. In addition, the Build Engine was used in other games such as Blood. At the time of release the Build engine was eclipsed by the Quake engine developed by ID software. Duke Nukem 3d was still a successful game due to the nature of the main character and the interactive enviroment.


An early FPS from Monolith based on a raycasting engine and themed with a variety of non-standard weapons, such as dynamite and a voodoo doll. (WWW)

Wolfenstien 3D

Critically acclaimed and the game that brought real-time first person game play to the masses, Wolfenstein 3D was a raycasting based engine set in Nazi Germany. Created by id Software and published by Apogee (now 3D Realms). (WWW)


One of the first mass market successes in the Real Time Strategy genre, War Craft pitted Orcs versus Humans in battle and resource management. This title originally came out around the time Westwood Studios made Dune, and Warcraft 2 around the time of Command & Conquer. (WWW)


A Real Time Strategy game created by Blizzard and the Science Fiction successor to the Warcraft series. (WWW)


A side scroller that used a combination of the keyboard (to move) and mouse (direction to shoot) which became a cult hit. Made by the now defunct Crack dot com. (WWW)


The first video game to be a mass market success, Pong was the pioneer of video games in stores and the home. Its creator, Nolan Bushnell, went on to found Atari.


One of the leading series in the 3D First Person Shooter Genre. Developed by iD Software and the successor to the Doom series. Quake 3 is scheduled for release. WWW


A dungeon based shooter with Isometric graphics and dynamic map creation system that has enormous popularity. Diablo 2 is currently scheduled for release. WWW

Command & Conquer

The game that brought the Real-Time Strategy genre to the masses and one of the first major hits to include network play. The Command & Conquer franchise has had a series of hits afterwards such as Covert Ops, Red Alert and Tiberian Sun(WWW)