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Game Development Dictionary


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Can be shortened to MB. 1 MB Approx.: 1,000,000 Bytes

massively multiplayer

A specific designation of multiplayer game in which the number of simultaneuous players is on the order of hundreds or even thousands.


Read The Fu****g Manual. Usually said to people who keep bugging others with their questions BECAUSE they didn't RTFM. :-)


Pirated software distributed over the Internet.


A mode of game in which the primary aspect is to compete against one or more human players.


A word is usually the natural size of data that a processor works with. On early x86 systems, a word was 16 bits. On 32-bit systems, a word is 32 bits. (However, for compatibility with 8088 terminology, Windows uses "word" to mean 16 bits.) On 64-bit systems, a word is 64 bits, but often the operating system "word" is 32 bits for compatibility with existing 32-bit Unix systems.


Similar in context to byte, a word is string of bits of any length.


Can be shortened to PB. 1PB = 1,125,899,906,842,624 bytes