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Game Development Dictionary


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Crammond, Geoff

Creator of the legendary games F-1 World Grand Prix, Grand Prix 2, and soon to be released, Grand Prix 3. He was the first person to realistically simulate tracks, AI, and the feel of a race car on the PC.

Miyamoto, Shigeru

The creator of the ever-so-popular Super Mario Bros & Legend of Zelda games.

Hallford, Neal

The writer and designer behind a number of bestselling computer games including "Betrayal at Krondor", "Return to Krondor", "Planet's Edge" and "Might & Magic III: Isles of Terra". Further information about him is available through his website at Neal.Hallford.com.

Williams, Roberta

Roberta Williams is a game writer and developer for Sierra. She is known for adventure style games. Some of her works include Phantasmagoria and King's Quest.

Crawford, Chris

A pioneer in the games industry who left to pursue developing an Interactive Fiction 'engine' for creating story worlds. (WWW)

Book: The Art of Computer Game Design. 1982