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Game Development Dictionary


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Wardell, Brad

Brad Wardell is the founder of Stardock Systems, and the designer of Galactic Civilizations and one of the only video games ever released for the ill-fated OS/2. In addition to his experience in games Brad makes skinning software for Windows. He is a champion for gameplay over graphics and has founded the Drengin Network a game ASP (Application Service Provider) to help make this vision a reality.

Wright, Will

Will Wright is a co-founder of Maxis and is the creator of Sim City. Sim City was a revolutionary game that helped change peoples perceptions about what a game is. Will is also the creator of the wildly popular game The Sims. Will continues to “think outside the box” and is currently working on The Sims Online.

Uematsu, Nobuo

Nobuo Uematsu is one of the most famous and popular game music composers. He is well known as the composer of Squaresoft's Final Fantasy franchise.

Williams, Roberta

Roberta Williams is a game writer and developer for Sierra. She is known for adventure style games. Some of her works include Phantasmagoria and King's Quest.

Sweeney, Tim

Tim Sweeney is one of the founders of Epic Megagames, now merely Epic Games. His early work included the masterpiece - and still well-played - game creation kit ZZT, and Jill of the Jungle. Newer work includes Unreal and Unreal Tournament.