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Game Development Dictionary


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Infinit Loop

This is a condition when a cycle does not terminate. In programming, infinit loops are caused when the termination condition cannot be meet due to a coding error. The following are infinit loops would include: // No termination condition for(;;) { // No termination, has nothing to stop the loop } // Unreachable termination condition for( int i = 0; i != -1; i++) { } // Constant true condition while(1) { } // Incorrect use of operators while(i = 4) { } The above are just a few conditions that will cause an infinite loop. See: Infinit Loop


When you initialize a variable, you give it its value. Used in programming. You can define and initialize a variable in one statement to help reduce code size. C++ Example: int num=3; ^ ^ ^ | | | | | value | variable name type


To make a instance of a class. To create a object.


The means by which an entity interacts with something. In programming, an interface is often used to provide abstraction of functions. The interface defines what methods that a function or class MUST possess. This allows the simple replacement of functions with any other function which also meets the requirments, without requiring any modification elsewhere in the program (particular useful when porting to a different platform, or using an alternate rendering system, etc).


An approximation between two known values. In graphics, this is a process in which the software increases the resolution of an image by first filling the image with blank pixels and then coloring the blank ones based on the color values of its surrounding pixels.


A program that executes programs. Different from a compiler which turns a source code into an executable, the interperter will run interpret-compile each command while running.


A cross-platform programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that often used on web pages and is capable of handling graphics.


Abbreviation for Linear Interpolation.


A collection of routines that are stored in a .lib file to be used at the linking time and are included in the executable file that is made.


"Lua is a powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications. Lua is also frequently used as a general-purpose, stand-alone language." http://www.lua.org


MaxScript is a built in feature of 3D Studio MAX. Is a very basic scripting language that allow you to customize the program (i.e. Macros). With MaxScript you can add buttons and tabs to the 3D Studio MAX interface, create small automated tasks, program shortcuts or just write a quick script to help you in a everyday task. MaxScript is versitle and very straight forward. You tell it what you would like it to do. It also comes w/ many functions that are in the Max/help/scrips file.


Microsoft Foundation Class library. This is an API which programmers may use when writing programs for Windows operating systems.


A free Windows C/C++ compiler by Mumit Khan.


An algorithm for searching through possible moves. Used in turn based AI to calculate best move.


a collection of data and routines that act on the data. It might also be a collection of routines that provides a cohesive set of services even if no common data is involved. Examples include a source file in C, a class in C++, a package in Ada, and a unit in some versions of Pascal.


A 3d engine developed in the late 1990s based on DirectX. Now known as 3d State. It has generated a large following of programmers and is praised for it's ease of use and compatability with many programming languages and compilers such as Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++, Delphi, and Visual Basics. More information can be found at thier website at www.3dState.com.


Not a Number; usually refers to the result of an unsuccessful floating point operation. A NaN is generated when the result of a floating-point operation cannot be represented in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) format. To check if a floating point value is Not A Number, use the function _isnan(). NaN is also the name of a 2D game engine created by Andrei Bazhgin. View the website here.


Natural Language Processing

Object Oriented Designing

"Object-oriented design involves classifying real-world objects and actions as classes that can be created,manipulated and destroyed. The class should provide an interface,which is used to manipulate objects that are created from the class while keeping as much possible the implementation details hidden from the user.Objects used in OO design usually have to be unique and have functions or methods that can be applied to change its state,or to take advantage of the object's properties. "(Mickey Williams , ESSENTIAL VISUAL C++ 4).

Object Pascal

A Pascal-based object oriented programming language.


Object Oriented Programming. The paragidm that models data and the functions that operate on that data together(in classes or object types) rather than separately(as functions and variables).


OpenAL is a cross-platform 3D audio API appropriate for use with gaming applications and many other types of audio applications. Visit site for more information.


A graphics API, primarily used for 3D, created by Silicon Graphics which runs on most platform OSes. The prime competitor is Direct3D. (WWW)

See Direct3D, Glide.


A model or pattern. Specifically in programming, the way in which your code is organized, be it functional, modular, or object oriented.

Parallax Occlusion Mapping

Employs per-pixel ray-tracing for dynamic lighting of surfaces in real-time on the GPU. The method uses a high precision algorithm for approximating view-dependent surface extrusion for a given height field to simulate motion parallax and perspective-correct depth. Additionally, the method allows generation of soft shadows in real-time for surface occlusions. Alternatively, POM can be coupled with well-known bump mapping algorithms such as normal mapping if physical accuracy can be sacrificed for greater computational efficiency.