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Game Development Dictionary


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An approximation between two known values. In graphics, this is a process in which the software increases the resolution of an image by first filling the image with blank pixels and then coloring the blank ones based on the color values of its surrounding pixels.


Natural Language Processing


Short for reproduce. When testing the game, defects are typically logged into a database system. Bugs are then repro'ed (reproduced) according to directions left in the database to help the software engineer(s) locate and correct the defect.


Software Development Kit.


an algorithm used to sort elements in an array. Developed by C.A.R. Hoare, it has an average efficency of 1.4n log2(n) as compared to Insertion, Selection, and Bubble with averages of n(n-1)/4, n(n-1)/2, and


Qbasic stands for Quick Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.It was originaly made in 1975 by Biil Gates and Paul Allen. QBASIC is one of many BASIC programming launguages.


The act of extracting strings from a larger string to gather elements that are needed. Usually referred to when extracting data from a text file, which may or may not be formatted specifically for this purpose.


An algorithm for searching through possible moves. Used in turn based AI to calculate best move.


A free Windows C/C++ compiler by Mumit Khan.


A collection of routines that are stored in a .lib file to be used at the linking time and are included in the executable file that is made.


A pointer is a variable which stores the memory address at which certain information is stored. A pointer may hold the address of another variable, an object, a function, or other important data.


Microsoft Foundation Class library. This is an API which programmers may use when writing programs for Windows operating systems.


Abbreviation for Spherical Interpolation, based on Lerp for Linear Interpolation. Spherical Interpolation is used in Quaternions.


For a computer programmer, this is when a function you've written has to call itself in order to get a result. (The classic, textbook example is a routine which works out the factorial of a number.) It can be very elegant if done right. It can also be a complete bastard to debug if done wrong.


A program that executes programs. Different from a compiler which turns a source code into an executable, the interperter will run interpret-compile each command while running.


a collection of data and routines that act on the data. It might also be a collection of routines that provides a cohesive set of services even if no common data is involved. Examples include a source file in C, a class in C++, a package in Ada, and a unit in some versions of Pascal.


A BASIC compiler/interpreter/IDE by William Yu. It's features are very similar to Visual Basic, and it is easy to use. (It's also free!) For more information, or to get a free download, check out the following address:( WWW)


A language created to teach structured programming. It was designed by Niklaus Wirth in the early 1970s and named after Blaise Pascal, a mathematician.