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Interesting Topics
New Replies

[Question] map algorithm in sdl is flickerin'

Started by bash1 in For Beginners
New Replies

Verify my GGX + Lambert Directional light

Started by REF_Cracker in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies

linux server vs windows server for unity mmo mobile

Started by moeen k in General Programming
New Replies

Safety vs Efficiency

Started by Salty Boyscouts in General Programming
New Replies

D language code question

Started by noatom in General Programming
New Replies

how to run a cmd command on a remote machine(server) with code

Started by moeen k in Multiplayer and Network Programming
New Replies

Mouse pointer out of applicationresolution when running fullscreen

Started by Thomas Wiborg in For Beginners
New Replies

2D Platformer Camera

Started by Onigiri Flash in Game Programming
New Replies

MODS and private server on resume

Started by Ichig in Game Industry Job Advice
New Replies

Converting between screen coordinates and scene/world coordinates

Started by Foxie in OpenGL
New Replies

How does each pixel in Shadow Map correspond to each pixel in scene?

Started by newtechnology in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

Question about Projectile Motion

Started by Tukimitzu in Math and Physics
New Replies

Is flash still relevant for mobile platforms?

Started by rAm_y_ in Mobile and Console Development
New Replies

DLL or Static Library

Started by andreialex in For Beginners
New Replies

Collision routine - push or precalculate velocity or oldpos / safepos

Started by KurtO in Math and Physics
New Replies

Pass anything as constructor without varargs

Started by Flyverse in Game Programming
New Replies

Test a 2D game idea - Java, Python or others?

Started by Viperace in Game Programming
New Replies

Multiple items in XML

Started by Affected1 in General Programming
New Replies

[Qt 5] Moving Rows For Scene Tree (QAbstractItemModel)

Started by Vincent_M in General Programming
New Replies

Frank D. Luna's DirectX 12 book available for Pre-order

Started by newtechnology in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

Visual Studio 2015 Graphics Debugger has trouble with spaced usernames

Started by LHLaurini in APIs and Tools
New Replies

Buffer failing to generate value

Started by Gooey in OpenGL
New Replies

Ragdoll constraints

Started by d07RiV in Math and Physics
New Replies

Composite Sprite Elbow Tips?

Started by Polama in Visual Arts
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