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Interesting Topics
New Replies

Lost Stars- Programming An Android Game From Start to Finish.

Started by Pill Bug Games in Mobile and Console Development
New Replies

C++ Frequency Modulation Synthesis Algorithms

Started by sigvatr in General Programming
New Replies

Single pixel holes in GBuffer

Started by Anden in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies

Does anyone know which OpenGL state did I screw up?

Started by lucky6969b in OpenGL
New Replies

High Quality Light Trails

Started by Epaenetus in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

[SFML] [C++] vector subscript out of range

Started by Elit3d in For Beginners
New Replies

Bug Testing

Started by testerbrian90 in For Beginners
New Replies

Random Math Questions

Started by JeremyB in Math and Physics
New Replies

Non-linear zoom for 2D

Started by Juliean in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies

Demonstrating a strategy game in a convention

Started by Tomer Barkan in Business and Law
New Replies

How will a dedicated server help this game?

Started by Jmanthesin in Multiplayer and Network Programming
New Replies

GameState is a bad method nowadays ?

Started by Alundra in Game Programming
New Replies

Examples of win32 Gui code?

Started by SteveHatcher in For Beginners
New Replies

Alternatives to Hit Points.

Started by ferrous in Game Design
New Replies

Per-pixel lighting asm point of view

Started by Hotwire in OpenGL
New Replies

Maxwell's asynchronous compute flaw

Started by Ed Welch in GDNet Lounge
New Replies

Most efficient way of designing a vector class in 3D

Started by Misery in General Programming
New Replies

HP displays on enemies or visual indicators?

Started by Fradno in Game Design
New Replies

Sorry, you do not qualify to take this survey

Started by AlanSmithee in GDNet Comments, Suggestions and Ideas
New Replies

[IOS] Tap and Slash

Started by gkm90 in Your Announcements
New Replies

Scaling, UV Coords, and clipping rectangle rounding error?

Started by noodleBowl in OpenGL
New Replies

C++ engine hosting LUA scripts

Started by og knuckles in Game Programming
New Replies

Tile picking with moving camera

Started by stein102 in For Beginners
New Replies

C# 3D graphics engine needed - with polygon picking? Where to start?

Started by Brendan Hill in For Beginners
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