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Interesting Topics
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TinyXML2 Segfault.

Started by zerophase in General Programming
New Replies

Oracle loses Java API case against Google

Started by ChaosEngine in Business and Law
New Replies

How to make Game & Watch's inside game?

Started by hardcoreDEV in GDNet Lounge
New Replies

Do you usually prefix your classes with the letter 'C' or something else?

Started by lucky6969b in General Programming
New Replies

How would you scale single-threaded server?

Started by maunovaha in Multiplayer and Network Programming
New Replies

how to chose open_gl libary?

Started by RunBerserk in For Beginners
New Replies

"The Lab" impressions and lessons

Started by slayemin in Virtual and Augmented Reality
New Replies

Are Third Party Game Engines the Future

Started by SephireX in Game Programming
New Replies

.Net DX12

Started by ericrrichards22 in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

NV Optimus notebook spend too much time in copy hardware queue?

Started by alek314?? in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies

Operator overloading with const instance of the class

Started by Chronogeran in AngelCode
New Replies

responsiveness of main game loop designs

Started by Norman Barrows in Game Programming
New Replies

[D3D12] Unbinding RTV and DSV

Started by _void_ in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

Bricking up the exit: Denying completion of the Hero's Journey

Started by Servant of the Lord in Game Design
New Replies

Unity 2D - How to change footstep sounds based on the type of surface.

Started by Shiro1104 in For Beginners
New Replies

Can I write a browser game only using Java?

Started by Dogeball in For Beginners
New Replies

Atomic Add for Float Type

Started by StanLee in OpenGL and Vulkan
New Replies

Multiple listeners of an event in object in JS?

Started by JohnnyCode in General Programming
New Replies

does video memory cache effect efficiency

Started by PolarWolf in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies

what good are cores?

Started by Norman Barrows in Game Programming
New Replies

[D3D12] Command list submission ordering

Started by ZBethel in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

Fill custom shape when vertices/edges are provided fails in Directx

Started by dave09cbank in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

Chinese New Year Theme - Chinese/Ethnic Music

Started by nsmadsen in Music and Sound
New Replies

With 1963 primitive graphics technology, How was this skeleton animations fights achieved?

Started by greyhounder in GDNet Lounge
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