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Image of the Day

time freeze ability @ 8 Bit Fighters.
Count down: 21 Weeks
#indiedev #ScreenshotSaturday #gamedev #indiegame https://t.co/PsKcDOxIoc
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Is OpenCL slowly dying?

Started by Vilem Otte in Graphics Programming and Theory
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_CrtSetBreakAlloc() not breaking

Started by Burnt_Fyr in General Programming
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How to get 86KB/frame in a browser?

Started by Infinity8378 in Mobile and Console Development
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Multiple monitors causing access violation on release of interfaces at app exit

Started by Icebone1000 in DirectX and XNA
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Curve Fitting Question

Started by myvraccount in Math and Physics
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Earth Gov.: Elite Military Unit [WIP]

Started by ZimrDesigns in Indie Projects
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Branching in compute kernels

Started by nwdg in Graphics Programming and Theory
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target selection strategies

Started by Norman Barrows in Artificial Intelligence
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Problem with Diffuse Lighting

Started by arjansingh00 in Graphics Programming and Theory
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Get pixel's location

Started by Mr_Fox in DirectX and XNA
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Game Ready Coffin

Started by Ben3d in Your Announcements
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Alternative to DirectX and XNA?

Started by UnionJack72 in Game Programming
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Sharpen shader performance

Started by LM-Crashy in Graphics Programming and Theory
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Visual Studio C++ without debugging screen fades.

Started by Josheir in General Programming
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SDL : Circle transition effect - masking

Started by cebugdev in Graphics Programming and Theory
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Designer/Artist looking for #C programmer for simple 3D tennis game

Started by William112 in Hobby Project Classifieds
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Promotional Trailer for your game

Started by Babydragon in Your Announcements
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10 Seconds Game

Started by kremel in Your Announcements
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After being an indie game developer I begin to doubt myself

Started by Aqualien in Business and Law
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How accurate is this method for dictating reflectivity?

Started by Jim70 in OpenGL and Vulkan
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Need techniques for dealing with precision issues

Started by scarypajamas in Math and Physics
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Provide a quick code-review of c++ code?

Started by gretty in General Programming
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How to use Unit-Tests

Started by Angelic Ice in General Programming
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13 Y/O That Is Interested In Learning How To Make Video Games

Started by notmenein in For Beginners
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