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RIGHT ON TIME! Mana star cooldowns. #screenshotsaturday #SP3RKLES #gamedev #madewithunity #lowpoly https://t.co/krVZ53I07c
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Interesting Topics
New Replies

win10: no native support for pre-dx10 games. additional runtime required?

Started by Norman Barrows in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

the dreaded "escort" quest

Started by Norman Barrows in Game Design
New Replies

Mesh/Material color contribution to shading

Started by KaiserJohan in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies

Splitting an image into chunks of a specified size?

Started by Debz in General Programming
New Replies

[VS2015] Downgrade to update 1

Started by Juliean in General Programming
New Replies

8x FSAA vs 8x MSAA

Started by DarkRonin in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

Texture memory bandwidth measure

Started by VBO in OpenGL and Vulkan
New Replies

Opengl ECS performance problem

Started by lexington in OpenGL and Vulkan
New Replies

Design for generating Conditional branches in Dialogue tree

Started by zerophase in General Programming
New Replies

Need feedback- animations for game

Started by Ho4uK in Visual Arts
New Replies

March of the Boos [Google Play + Free HTML5 Demo]

Started by Luxel Games in Indie Projects
New Replies

Anyone interested in "Gaming Gesture Recognition"?

Started by Joseph@AirSig in Your Announcements
New Replies

Faster Sin and Cos

Started by L. Spiro in General Programming
New Replies

[D3D12] Metals, Normal Mapping, Tessellation, Displacement Mapping

Started by nicolas.bertoa in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

Why can't I print out my std::string vector?

Started by BiiXteR in General Programming
New Replies

Game Quests FLow

Started by JoAndRoPo in Game Design
New Replies

How can I protect my work?

Started by Khaled125 in Business and Law
New Replies

We create the game ASTEROIDS in STENCYL

Started by themario in Your Announcements
New Replies

2D huge tile maps handling?

Started by cebugdev in Game Programming
New Replies

Resolving and Remembering Collisions

Started by zokeefe in Math and Physics
New Replies

Visual Studio 2015 and Mesh Content Task

Started by J.K in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

Clarifications on sharing a 2d texture between D3D9Ex and D3D11

Started by Husbjörn in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

Removing a deep recursive folder structure

Started by Migi0027 (肉コーダ) in GDNet Lounge
New Replies

OpenCL image vs buffer for raytracer?

Started by BadEggGames in General Programming
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