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You'll need every health potion you can find in the later levels. ♛ #gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday https://t.co/zs7dpTh7zx
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Scripting habits.
Started by Zesi in For Beginners
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Spectral Dimensions - Student Project Feedback Welcome
Started by Sonemer in Indie Projects
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Entity Update Determinism
Started by AThompson in Game Programming
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Looking for Suggestions to get my Son started
Started by Bilbo87 in For Beginners
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Working with a team.
Started by Josheir in Game Industry Job Advice
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2D ARPG/RPG Game - In development
Started by Korvas in Your Announcements
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Inheriting from multiple Events
Started by Angelic Ice in General Programming
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Use django python for a small browser game?
Started by stee in For Beginners
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Does anyone know a Matrix transformation like so?
Started by teutoburger in Graphics Programming and Theory
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Mine Egg Craft Clicker
Started by Cmaujluk in Your Announcements
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Javascript game engine that can work 'seamlessly' with react-native
Started by m77p in For Beginners
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Looking for artist to experiment with some ideas (Belgium)
Started by xBee in Hobby Project Classifieds
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How to instantiate a 'new' STL vector?
Started by DarkRonin in General Programming
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transparency OpenGL
Started by FGFS in OpenGL and Vulkan
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Xmas discount 50% OFF on our texture collections
Started by Liman3D in Your Announcements
New Replies
[D3D12] Depth Buffer problem (maybe)
Started by nicolas.bertoa in DirectX and XNA
New Replies
Strange slowdown when model(s) goes off screen
Started by CarlML in DirectX and XNA
New Replies
Native Language or Cross-platform
Started by Navyman in Mobile and Console Development
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Where can I show my video game script to a team?
Started by jkarateking in Writing for Games
New Replies
Glitches with flip model swap chain
Started by ciel123 in DirectX and XNA
New Replies
Novice needs a guide
Started by Duninn in Writing for Games
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Real-time data flow into Unity & VR?
Started by Cisco4321 in Virtual and Augmented Reality
New Replies
What type of sound is this? How can I make something simmilar
Started by Milenchyy in Music and Sound
New Replies
Solid Game Engines For Top Down 2D Game?
Started by ryan.zec in For Beginners
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