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Still very earily but it's a start #gamedev #screenshotsaturday https://t.co/cTB5liF77m
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Interesting Topics
New Replies
Programming complex movements
Started by Feast in Game Programming
New Replies
Modern Programming Language for Game Engines
Started by MrLeadProg in Game Programming
New Replies
Need help identifying file type '.pvrtc.bof'
Started by TurBlay in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies
Premise for a Game's Plot
Started by Archangel1202 in Writing for Games
New Replies
Multiple vertex/pixel shaders
Started by ciel123 in DirectX and XNA
New Replies
Help with using a class Template for adding generic 'Systems'
Started by SteveHatcher in For Beginners
New Replies
Which Gamepads To Support?
Started by JackOfCandles in General Programming
New Replies
Question about InterlockedOr
Started by Mr_Fox in DirectX and XNA
New Replies
I'm not learning anything in university. Should I drop out?
Started by codeBoggs in Game Industry Job Advice
New Replies
FakeV Fake Video Call For WhatsApp & Viber
Started by Forgivetr in Your Announcements
New Replies
Escape Games - Log House
Started by KnfGame in Mobile and Console Development
New Replies
Basic Trigenometry Question
Started by JeremyB in Math and Physics
New Replies
PDF derivation in UE4
Started by brkho in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies
How do I properly return a private class member vector using move semantics?
Started by Tispe in General Programming
New Replies
[C#] Some doubts with regards to an "if statement" and "instantiate" statement
Started by Zesi in For Beginners
New Replies
Hello! New and seeking advice.
Started by Duninn in For Beginners
New Replies
Trouble with Dynamic array implementation
Started by pharoah0110 in For Beginners
New Replies
Hero Shooter Idea
Started by Archangel1202 in Game Design
New Replies
simple game build
Started by Yunus in Game Programming
New Replies
What to Expect from Sledgehammer Games Interview?
Started by GeneralJist in Game Industry Job Advice
New Replies
How to set up transitions between different animations(architecture).
Started by codeBoggs in For Beginners
New Replies
Swarming - endless physics sandbox.
Started by Anodyne in Indie Projects
New Replies
Prototyping Textures
Started by Emerald_Eel_Entertainment in Visual Arts
New Replies
Hi all. I need help with my C# script on Unity 5.
Started by Zesi in For Beginners
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