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You'll know when you're hit in #septicsavages on #Greenlight #screenshotsaturday #gameart #indiedev #gamedev #gaming https://t.co/6QlE4guxfS
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Interesting Topics
New Replies

Improving my Class Structure

Started by Angelic Ice in General Programming
New Replies

2D Card Game

Started by yumii in For Beginners
New Replies

What can we sell a game as without incorperating?

Started by Ossorum in Business and Law
New Replies

Bullet Hell Project

Started by xkillinuguyx in For Beginners
New Replies

vector of blocks spawn x and y issue

Started by Elit3d in For Beginners
New Replies

DirectX11 and using more than 1 shader

Started by J.K in DirectX and XNA
New Replies

Help with glDrawElementsInstanced

Started by htmlboss in OpenGL and Vulkan
New Replies

Exported animation is deformed, how to fix it?

Started by codeBoggs in For Beginners
New Replies

C++ 2048 game - movement function issue

Started by mihaijulien in For Beginners
New Replies

Doomed Gaming

Started by DoomedGaming in Your Announcements
New Replies

Read Adobe Illustrator file without using external libraries, on C#?

Started by Supremacy in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies

defend sacred animals quest

Started by Norman Barrows in Game Design
New Replies

Transitioning from game development to business development with C#

Started by CrimsonMacaw in Game Industry Job Advice
New Replies

Realization of displacement mapping

Started by _vanger_ in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies

Reading multiple datagrams from UDP socket

Started by Kobaktan in Multiplayer and Network Programming
New Replies

Style preferences in for loop structure

Started by nGamer in General Programming
New Replies

State machine for beginner - how to shoot state AND jump state

Started by Robster in Game Programming
New Replies

Windows Firewall Troubles

Started by AndreTheGiant in Multiplayer and Network Programming
New Replies

George is on SALE $1.99 -> FREE today!

Started by alex_p in Your Announcements
New Replies

[Demo] Xen The Alien

Started by hexgear in Your Announcements
New Replies

Enums don't have their own variables?

Started by Whiskydog in General Programming
New Replies

Tactics RPGs with an actual "game" (world exploration, etc)?

Started by Icebone1000 in Game Design
New Replies

Just wanted to share a link

Started by AuthenticOwl in Your Announcements
New Replies

Threadpool with abortable jobs and then-function

Started by IceMichael in General Programming
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