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#Characters #Sentinel - Support snipers deployed at far-off high-rise vantage points #ScreenShotSaturday #GameDev https://t.co/x7DC1VmkRa
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Interesting Topics
New Replies
Phong model correctness (video)
Started by pseudomarvin in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies
How to organize many sound files in Unity
Started by DemonDar in Music and Sound
New Replies
High precision texture.
Started by piluve in DirectX and XNA
New Replies
Scene / ray-intersection
Started by Martin Perry in Game Programming
New Replies
Generating a 3D Texture from multiple Pixel Shaders or Compute Shader
Started by gduser418 in DirectX and XNA
New Replies
I'm new here and would like to say Hello!
Started by Flintelocke in For Beginners
New Replies
Cross platform library linking with CMake
Started by Ansou in Build Systems and Source Control
New Replies
Mipmapping for a SW renderer
Started by pseudomarvin in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies
Advanced Game Programming book not working
Started by cratty79 in For Beginners
New Replies
Matali Physics 3.9 Introduces Advanced Management Of Particle Systems
Started by komires in Your Announcements
New Replies
Learning C++11
Started by sjhalayka in General Programming
New Replies
InfiniteSpace - Space Games
Started by Alskenobi in Your Announcements
New Replies
WinAPI Combo Box wont show
Started by MystikReasons in General Programming
New Replies
Getting all points of a grid within radius, how can I ignore nodes behind a "wall"?
Started by Crayz92 in Math and Physics
New Replies
Shadertoy.com Issue
Started by Daimos in Business and Law
New Replies
What is your Apple skill?
Started by code4you in Your Announcements
New Replies
How does this ever work.
Started by ApochPiQ in Coding Horrors
New Replies
[FREE][GAME] Mister Bounce - Endless Arcade Bouncer
Started by Eageron in Your Announcements
New Replies
Stances in an RPG.
Started by JustinS in Game Design
New Replies
XShaderCompiler (HLSL to GLSL translator)
Started by LukasBanana in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies
Glowing objects.
Started by Happy SDE in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies
FUSE 1960s Female Costume
Started by yertari in Your Announcements
New Replies
What are the risks of static polymorphism abuse?
Started by Alessio1989 in General Programming
New Replies
HLSL StructuredBuffer usage
Started by YixunLiu in DirectX and XNA
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