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Don't try to pick a fight with Hermielle. She will win. #screenshotsaturday #SoHP https://t.co/KBikg1uv0T
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Interesting Topics
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[D3D12] Swapchain::present() Glitches

Started by nicolas.bertoa in DirectX and XNA
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Started by speed2 in For Beginners
New Replies

Stackoverflow And Money

Started by imoogiBG in Game Industry Job Advice
New Replies

Horizon:zero Dawn Cloud System

Started by ChenA in Graphics Programming and Theory
New Replies

Why Does Xcode Give My Application A Command Line Argument?

Started by BiiXteR in For Beginners
New Replies

When Tertiary Operators Become Confusing

Started by Volvary in Coding Horrors
New Replies

Population Spread Simulator...

Started by Durakken in General Programming
New Replies

Multi Vertex Buffer And Inputlayout

Started by poigwym in DirectX and XNA
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Tover - A Hobby Project, Your Thoughts?

Started by IceTear in Your Announcements
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2.5D Movement Problem

Started by Avencherus in Game Programming
New Replies

3D Car Models

Started by johnburton in Your Announcements
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Using Convolution Network To Upscale Texture?

Started by vlj in Graphics Programming and Theory
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Started by genguryanov in Your Announcements
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Ecs Gui Systems

Started by Paragon123 in Game Programming
New Replies

Rpg Stats - Temporary Changes, Harder Than I Realised!?

Started by lordGoldemort in Game Programming
New Replies

How To Go About Releasing A Game?

Started by SpikeViper in Business and Law
New Replies

Basic Game Object Communication

Started by lucky6969b in Game Programming
New Replies

"metroidvania"-Style Games, Linear Vs. Non-Linear Design

Started by sixteenbithero in Game Design
New Replies

Create A Gaming Operating System

Started by ftwilliams89 in Game Programming
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Unity Or Ue4 To Use As A Show Reel For My Portfolio

Started by CockRoach in Game Industry Job Advice
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Memory Allocating Error ( I'm Massed Up )

Started by puppysss in For Beginners
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[Mobile] Twelve Absent Men - Pictures!

Started by dewdle in Your Announcements
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Billboards Problems

Started by impulsee in Math and Physics
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Develop A Vertical Shoot'em Up Game For Android And Ios

Started by sandy.rs.walker in Your Announcements
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