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Project Summary

  • Title: Auxnet: Battlegrounds
  • Developer: D.T.A. Studios / Squared'D Games
  • Platform: PC
  • Project Status: Pre-Alpha
  • Release Date: 02 May 2014
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Auxnet: Battlegrounds

Auxnet: Battlegrounds. Auxnet is a futuristic 3D arena game that was developed by 5 people, including just 1 programmer. The engine was developed internally by that programmer using Direct X.

Platform: PC
Project Status: Pre-Alpha
Developer: D.T.A. Studios / Squared'D Games
Release Date: 02 May 2014
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The internet of the 20th and 21st centuries, its simple network housing the entirety of human knowledge, evolves as
humanity enters the 22nd century. With the advent of quantum computing, it has now become a collection of vast,
individual networks designed to serve the needs off humanity.

Auxnet is one such network. Serving as a hub of virtual realities, these artificial worlds, or Constructs, are
constrained only by the limits of human imagination, and the aesthetics of these worlds can vary as wildly as the
rules that govern them.

Originally created to allow people to experience the Roman Coliseum and the Gladiatorial games at its peak during the
1st and 2nd centuries, the Construct now known as Arena City, has grown to be one of the largest of Auxnet. Home to
countless battle arenas and gauntlets, millions of users flock to the arenas everyday to test their skills agains
other humans and A.Is in combat.

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Key Features

  • Multi-player over a LAN or over the Internet
  • Select and customize character
  • Many battle arenas

System Requirements

PC (Example)

OS: Windows 7 or Above
Graphics: Direct X 9 compatible Graphics Card.
Hard Drive:

What's up with Me and the Micro 3D

Posted by Squared'D, 21 May 2014 · 430 views
micro 3d, 3d printer, m3d
I've been away for some time now. A lot has changed since my last update. As I've said before, I used to teach English in Korea, but in April, my wife and I moved back to America. Now I've been trying to get back into the swing of things. I want to spend more time coding my game, and for a month, I did that, but since I need money for things like food and...

AI System Progress with Video

Posted by Squared'D, 24 April 2014 · 480 views
ai, middleware

These days, I've been making a lot of progress on my AI engine. The basic framework is running now and you can see that in this video. The AI system is telling the little bot where to go. I'm still in the early stages of development so the path is still hard coded into the demo but I'm happy that I'm now at a place where I ca...

Auxnet: Battlegrounds Progress

Posted by Squared'D, in Auxnet 07 April 2014 · 465 views
game programming
I've been making a lot of progress these days. I've just finished most of a major renovation (hopefully the last until release) of the graphics engine. Before I had limited each model to one set of textures (diffuse, normal, effects map), but by artist request, I've added the ability to use a second set for added customizability(not a real word, but shou...

Developing the AI Middleware's Interface

Posted by Squared'D, in AI 28 March 2014 · 547 views
ai, ai engine, ai middleware
Developing the AI Middleware's Interface

As I explained in my last post, I've developed a text-based sample game that I'll use to build the initial version of the AI system. Then I'll get it to work on my 2D engine, and then finally on my 3D engine for Auxnet:Battlegrounds. I'm at the stage now where I need to develop the AI systems public interface.


AI System Progress and Auxnet development

Posted by Squared'D, in Auxnet, AI 27 March 2014 · 467 views
ai, auxnet
AI - Progress
Things have been going well on the AI front. I'm still hoping to have a strong enough foundation in a few weeks to be able to put my source code up on GitHub. It'll still be very early in the process, but I think I should have more than just a skeleton before I allow others to see the code.

I've been looking at various middleware SDK...

Building My AI Engine

Posted by Squared'D, 20 March 2014 · 528 views
ai, ai engine, middleware, c++ and 3 more...
These days, I've been turning my attention towards AI. In the past, I spent so much time working on graphics components of the engine in the past, that I've never put the effort into building a good AI system. When I was developing Genesis SEED, I wrote a complex AI system, but it was too unwieldy and complicated so I decided to start from scratch when wo...

Starting to work on AI now

Posted by Squared'D, 15 March 2014 · 1,065 views
beginner ai
Auxnet development has been picking up these days. Right now my main task is AI. AI has been a pain in my side for some time now not because I don't know how to do it, but because I haven't really had a lot of time to work on it. So I've been stuck in stupid AI land. I'm going to change that now. I'm determined to make AI agents that don't repeatedly bump...

Experimenting with Engine Design

Posted by Squared'D, 02 March 2014 · 511 views
c++, game engine and 1 more...
Graphics-wise, I don't plan on changing my current 3D engine much. I've mostly been working on gameplay and AI related stuff. As I make more progress on the AI code, I'll share it here and on my main page . Currently the 3D engine, Squared'D, has too many parts to use it as a simple testing platform so I stripped out it's core 2D elements (these were main...

The Latest

Posted by Squared'D, 13 February 2014 · 502 views
I've been living in Korea for the past 6 1/2 years, but my wife and I have decided to give the US a try and we'll move back there this spring. So I'm now in job hunting mode. I've also been taking some time to develop my personal website www.squaredprogramming.com . I've been posting a lot of things there. I've added the articles that I've published here...

Fun with Modern C++ and Smart Pointers

Posted by Squared'D, 13 February 2014 · 5,278 views
modern c++, smart pointers and 3 more...
This has been re-posted to http://articles.squaredprogramming.com/2014/02/smartpointers.html


This is a journal entry not an article so I feel like I can ramble a bit before I get to the main point. I have been programming for some time now and got my CS degree way back in 2003, but in 2007, I decided to take a break from programming,...

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