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Project Summary

  • Title: Mage's Quest
  • Developer: Ludus
  • Platform: PC
  • Project Status: Concept
  • Release Date: --
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Mage's Quest

Inspired by the platformer games of the early to mid 90's, Mage's Quest is a fast-paced action platformer with an emphasis on speed-running.

Platform: PC
Project Status: Concept
Developer: Ludus
Release Date: --
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Mage's Quest is a traditional platformer built around the concept of speed-running. Skill is rewarded by faster level completion times. This is a game made for experienced players, though it is designed to be forgiving enough for beginner players to enjoy.
Mage's Quest takes heavy inspiration from the SNES era of platform games from around 1990-1996. Players will navigate side-scrolling levels through running, jumping, and using a handful of spells to overcome obstacles.

This project is currently in the prototyping/drafting phase. More details will be available as development progresses.

Key Features

  • Action Platformer
  • Emphasis on speed-running
  • 5 Areas to explore, each with their own theme
  • 30 regular levels in total, as well as a few bonus stages
  • Several boss fights
  • Detailed lore and background stories

System Requirements


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Sounds Cool

I love the concept - a SNES style platform game that rewards for fast completion. Has me interested.