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Project Summary

  • Title: Super Gunball
  • Developer: Meatsack's Workshop
  • Platform: PC
  • Project Status: Active Funding Campaign
  • Release Date: --
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Super Gunball

Super Gunball is an action-platformer game in the style of NES/SNES era of games. The player controls a ball with a gun on its side to bounce and shoot enemies leading up to a boss fight.

Platform: PC
Project Status: Active Funding Campaign
Developer: Meatsack's Workshop
Release Date: --
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Super Gunball is a platformer game about super-bouncy ball with a gun attached to its side.
Done in the style of NES/SNES games, it's supposed to be challenging yet fun.
It most closely resembles Mega Man, but without the freedom to quickly choose weapons at will.
Currently, there is a "Training" world consisting of 8 levels, a "hub" level to select the world to play in, and the "Forest" world consisting of 10 levels.
It is a work in progress, but the current demo is stable and complete-able(?) in it's current state.

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The Super Gunball controls are fairly simple. It points and shoots the gun where the mouse is pointing by clicking the Left Mouse Button. "A" and "D" (or the Arrow Keys) moves the ball from side to side. Spacebar (Right mouse button, W, or Up Arrow) makes the ball bounce up. Bouncing just after landing bounces again, but higher. "W" (or Up Arrow) enters doors to proceed to the next area. "Q" will skip to the next level if you get stuck or it's too difficult. (DEMO only.)

I have hopes that if this Demo can be polished and promoted well enough, that I will run a Kickstarter campaign to raise some cash to complete the WHOLE game for retail sale. That means paying the art and sound guys a fair compensation for the work already done plus a retainer to continue working on the full game. I'll use my share to buy the ability to distribute on more platforms than just PC. There may even be enough cash raised to hire on a few more hands to help out on the assets. Of course, that depends on if the Kickstarter campaign succeeds. Unsuccessful means no cash for anyone and that this Demo was just a fun hobbyist effort. I will calculate and set a release date sometime after the Kickstarter campaign ends dependent on how much money is raised.

The game is being developed using the GameMaker: Studio Pro suite and is currently capable of exporting to a standalone Windows EXE file. Collaboration is done via a Google Drive in conjunction with a private Google community to provide the common workspace where the team members can freely communicate and exchange files.

Key Features

  • Old-School Action Platformer / Shooter
  • Retro NES / SNES Style
  • Big Boss Battles
  • Family Friendly
  • Independently Developed

System Requirements

PC Minimum Specs

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 8
Processor: Anything
Memory: 512MB RAM
Graphics: 128MB General Memory
Screen Resolution: 1024×600
Hard Drive: 5MB
Sound: Mono

Going Social: The Rise of Super Gunball!

Posted by Meatsack, 26 August 2013 · 514 views
social, Super Gunball and 4 more...
Going Social:  The Rise of Super Gunball! Good news everyone! My ongoing efforts at acting like an extrovert are paying off!
Well... not PAYING yet per se, but they are having a noticeable and empirically traceable effect.

The current development cycle goes something like this:
I watch the social sites all week and make notes of the feedback I get including bugs and suggestions for gameplay twe...

Being Social Pays Off! Super Gunball Progress

Posted by Meatsack, 13 August 2013 · 539 views
Super Gunball, Social, Art and 7 more...
Being Social Pays Off!  Super Gunball Progress Much progress has been made on this build of Super Gunball!

Firstly, I have to say that my efforts at being social have paid off. I posted a classified ad on GameDev.net asking for an artist's help with this game. I also posted a Devlog on the same site. Then I joined the TIGSource.com forums to hob-nob with some other birds of my feather. This has resul...

Going Social: Announcing Super Gunball

Posted by Meatsack, 30 July 2013 · 559 views
Super Gunball, Announcement and 8 more...
Going Social:  Announcing Super Gunball I joined GameDev.net a couple months ago to see what I could learn about transitioning from a hobbyist game developer to a professional one. I'm still learning, but from what I can tell, it's not going to be easy or quick to do from my residence in Kentucky. Considering that I am unlikely to be moving anytime soon, (middle-aged with dependent family) I've...

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very interesting ... Liked the system level selection and a very modest system requirements =)

I like it! Very simple, but still looks engaging.