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Project Summary

  • Title: Revel Immortal
  • Developer: Ethereal Darkness Interactive
  • Platform: PC, OSX, Linux, IOS, Android
  • Project Status: Alpha (Initial testing)
  • Release Date: 15 April 2013
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Revel Immortal

The continued story of Morning's Wrath, once again you'll assume the role of Princess Morning in this action/rpg set in an ever expanding realm.

Platform: PC, OSX, Linux, IOS, Android
Project Status: Alpha (Initial testing)
Developer: Ethereal Darkness Interactive
Release Date: 15 April 2013
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Where Morning's Wrath left off, Revel Immortal begins.

Mana poisoning has left her as a being of pure energy, reliant on mana to maintain some semblance of life and normalcy.

After her ordeal with the wellspring and her victory against the Ashidian invasion, Princess Morning finds herself at odds with a new governance that has sprung up in the absence of her murdered family.

It would have her removed from power and collapse the monarchy entirely.

Even now Morning stands as a glorified figurehead of the Leowyn line, as she is the last and it is speculated she'll bear no heirs.

Key Features

  • An expanding world - New content is added weekly without breaking your save games
  • Written in HTML5 - Plays right in your browser - nothing to download or install
  • Play anywhere - save games are stored in your account and can be played on pc or mobile
  • Dynamic equipment & clothing - tons of equipment and clothing combinations with dyes
  • Crafting - collect raw materials to construct items

System Requirements

Any HTML5 enabled web browser on most devices.

Revel Immortal Update 1/13

Posted by EDI, 13 January 2015 · 0 views

Happy New Year!

...a little late, I know.

brian_matthys has been bugging me, relentlessly to post another update.

But, for those of you who know me best; I often get wrapped up in the implementation, more so than the telling.

Current Status of Revel Immortal

I am happy to report that I am finished with the 'containers/stores' code; we now have th...

Revel Immortal Update 12/29

Posted by EDI, 29 December 2014 · 61 views

Hi all, sorry for the long space between updates again ...between the holiday season; and some particularly hard problems it makes for some good radio-silence.

So where to start ...my co-developers Brian Matthys Brian_Matthys (a comp-sci student and aspiring game programmer) has been working on some various tasks in Revel Immortal.

Notably the start o...

Revel Immortal Update 12/9

Posted by EDI, 09 December 2014 · 103 views

Wait what? An update that isn't one month apart?

Indeed; things are moving faster; this weekend saw implementation of the Quests UI and the NPC Talk UI.

Both extremely key to moving the project forward.


Next on the chopping block is to re-hook-up combat; with modifications per the new UI.

And closely followin...

Revel Immortal 12/2 Update

Posted by EDI, 02 December 2014 · 128 views

Greetings All,

Things have been coming along quite well; and while I could go into the nitty gritty detail; I think it is better to just show some progress.


so, what I have here to show is Revel Immortal v22e --that is the 5th pre-release revision of v22.

Like before, this is not an actual truly public revisio...


Posted by EDI, 14 November 2014 · 158 views

Greetings all,

Seems I am on-par with my monthly updates.

First off, I'd like to say; sorry the changes to Revel are taking so long; but I can say a large part of this delay has been through prototyping and having the resolve to say:

"Nah.. that doesn't look/play/feel/sound/smell good."

Instead of simply saying "meh. its good enough" as I've admitte...

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Its a cool game 10/10 -DSM