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From our humble beginning in June of 1999, GameDev.net has emerged as the leading online community for game developers of all levels, from the green beginner to the seasoned industry veteran. Over 850,000 developers from around the world return here regularly to take advantage of our frequently updated developer news, thousands of articles and other resources, amazingly active forums, and most importantly to be a part of the growing international community of game developers.

GameDev.net has received accolades from numerous sources. Nearly every game development book published over the past decade praises GameDev.net as the best place on the Internet to learn about game development. We've been mentioned in many magazines and other periodicals. We've even been featured on television, being named as TechTV's Help Site of the Week in November 2000.

Who is behind GameDev.net?

Nowhere will you find a team of people more qualified to run a game development website than the group of people that brings you GameDev.net. Our staff members have been producing high quality game development sites since 1996, and together we have decades of website and online community development experience. To top off our qualifications for running the largest game development website: our staff members have written game development books, have written numerous articles for magazines and online publications (including GDNet!), are regular game industry event speakers, Microsoft MVP's, or simply work in the games and simulation industries. In the end it means you get a site driven by people with the experience and knowledge to provide a quality resource for the games industry.


Many of the original founders of GameDev.net are still actively involved in the site today. As founders and owners, they retain the final say in regards to GameDev.net, and continue to oversee the development and direction of the website.

Dave Astle, aka Myopic Rhino

Chief Executive Officer

Dave is involved in just about everything as the CEO of GameDev.net. His primary areas of focus are business development and strategy, as well as coordinating the efforts of everyone involved with the site.

Outside of GameDev.net, Dave has worked in the game industry since 2001, and is currently the 3D tools lead in the Advanced Content Group at Qualcomm. He also edited and co-authored More OpenGL Game Programming and co-authored Beginning OpenGL Game Programming, OpenGL ES Game Development, and OpenGL Game Programming. Dave has contributed to many other books and has spoken at several industry conferences, including the Game Developers Conference. He received his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Utah.

"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I cannot accept, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill today because they pissed me off and also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today, as they may be connected to the ass that I may have to kiss tomorrow." - Ghandi

Kevin Hawkins, aka KHawk

Chief Operations Officer

As one of its original founders, Kevin has been involved in just about everything at GameDev.net over the course of its history. As COO, Kevin is heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the site, providing guidance and oversight of the business side of GameDev.net and its operations, and filling in for staff functions as necessary.

Outside of GameDev.net, Kevin is in the simulation and training industry as the Technical Director of Software Engineering at Raydon Corporation. He also co-authored Beginning OpenGL Game Programming, OpenGL Game Programming, and was a contributing author to Game Programming: Tricks of the Trade. Kevin earned a Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters of Software Engineering from Embry-Riddle University. As if that wasn't enough, Kevin played intercollegiate baseball for Embry-Riddle and was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 35th round of the 2002 Major League Baseball Amateur Draft.

"Act as if it were impossible to fail."
"To succeed, it is necessary to accept the world as it is and rise above it."

Mike Tanczos

Chief Technical Officer

Mike provides some of the site's visual design and leads the site development group as a web programmer, as well as managing our servers.

Mike obtained a B.S. in Computer Science from Penn State University and is currently enrolled in the Masters of Secondary Education program at Kutztown University (math specialization). Prior to GameDev.net, Mike was the webmaster of Game Programming '9x since 1996 and ran his own company specializing in web development and hosting. He has also attained the rank of Eagle Scout from the BSA and has published chapters in books. He is currently teaching computer networking at Easton Area High School in Pennsylvania.

"There are three types of people in this world.. those who can count, and those who can't."

John Munsch and Don Thorp

Dead Weight

John and Don provide server support and maintenance for GameDev.net.

GameDev.net Staff and Contributors

The hard working staff members dedicate many hours of their own time towards the success of the site. They carry out many of the specific tasks required for GameDev.net to function properly and efficiently in every way. In addition, many contributors also lend their time and expertise in order to make this site the great resource that it is.



Site Development



Drew "Gaiiden" Sikora
Executive Producer /
Newsletter Editor

John Hattan
Product Reviews Editor

Kelly Murdock
Graphic Reviews / Staff Writer

Sean "Washu" Kent
Community Manager

Senior Moderators
Moderator Overlords

Forum Moderators
Forum Overlords

Richard "superpig" Fine
Website Developer /
Staff Writer

Carsten "Caste" Haubold
NeHe Production

Luke "Kazade" Benstead
NeHe Production

Tiffany Smith
News Director /
Staff Writer

Trent "mittens" Polack
Daily News Writer

Promit Roy
Daily News Writer

Mike "Ravuya" Stedman
Daily News Writer

Nicolle Olsen
Sales Associate

Amy Young
Jobs Specialist

Past Contributors

Nick Murphy - Founder, inactive
Ernest "TANSTAAFL" Pazera - Founder
David "DavidRM" Michael - Staff Writer
Sande "sk8gundy" Chen - Staff Writer
Oli "evolutional" Wilkinson - Staff Writer/Daily Writer
Oluseyi Sonaiya - Business Director
Emmanuel Deloget - News Editor
Heather "felisandria" Holland - Programming reference section
David Michalson - Site developer

GameDev.net Moderators

Our forums are moderated by a dedicated team of long-time forum members who are all well-versed in their respective fields. Many of our moderators carry such titles as Microsoft MVP, and all are dedicated to helping members of the community. It has been with the help of our moderating team that the forums of GameDev.net have evolved and matured into the helpful, friendly and valuable resource it is today.

The Technical Side

Community Interaction

The Creative Side

Special Interest

Josh "jpetrie" Petrie
For Beginners

Oli "evolutional" Wilkinson
Alternative Game Libraries

Dave "InnocuousFox" Mark
Artificial Intelligence

Ben "Sneftel" Sunshine-Hill
Consoles, PDAs, and Cell Phones

Steve "Evil Steve" Macpherson
DirectX and XNA

Karl "Zahlman" Knechtel
Game Programming

Mike "ApochPiQ" Lewis
General Programming
Software Engineering

Promit Roy
Graphics Programming and Theory

Ernest "TANSTAAFL" Pazera
Isometric Land

Graham "grhodes_at_work" Rhodes
Math and Physics

Jon "hplus0603" Watte
Multiplayer and Network Programming

Mikael "Brother Bob" Swartling

Ben "Kylotan" Sizer
Scripting Languages and Game Mods

Mike "Ravuya" Stedman
GDNet Lounge

Jason "jbadams" Adams
Help Wanted
Your Announcements

Dan "Obscure" Marchant
Mona "monalaw" Ibrahim

The Business and Law of Game Development

Alex "Sandman" Walker
Game Design

Nathan "nsmadsen" Madsen
Music and Sound

Dave "dbaumgart" Baumgart
Visual Arts

Mare "sunandshadow" Kuntz
Writing for Games

Tom Sloper
Breaking into the Games Industry

Sean "Washu" Kent
Hardware Discussion

Paul "Null and Void" Varga
Everything Unix

Timothy "Glass_Knife" Wright
Java Development

Sander Marechal
Web Development


Roving Moderators

Andreas "WitchLord" Jonsson

Mathew Anderson
Events for Gamers

Carsten "Caste" Haubold
NeHe Productions

Jeremy "JWalsh" Walsh
C# Workshop

Richard "superpig" Fine
CPP Workshop

Oluseyi Sonaiya
Freehand Drawing Workshop

Muhammad Haggag
SICP Workshop

Andrew Russell
Chris "dwarfsoft" Bennett
Yannick "Fruny" Loitière
Jack "jollyjeffers" Hoxley
Joshua "JTippetts" Tippetts
Mike "LessBread" Caetano
Jim "Machaira" Perry
Joris "MadKeithV" Timmermans
Trent "mittens" Polack
Rob "phantom" Jones
Shannon Barber
Yann "Yann L" Lombard

Why was GameDev.net created?

GameDev.net was created with the sole purpose of providing a public site where game developers could freely exchange information. This site isn't powered by a large corporation. It is powered by game developers, real people with real experience and education in their fields. And lastly, it is powered by you the viewer, who may some day find a topic you'd be interested in sharing with the rest of us.

What kind of information can I expect?

This site contains technical articles that have been written by literally hundreds of people across the world on various topics and varying skill levels. Chances are, if you're looking for it, we have it. If we don't have it, let us know and we'll try to find someone knowledgeable in that area to write about it.

This site contains news. We keep you updated on the latest happenings in the game development world. If a game development team creates a break-through technique in the far off nether regions of Siberia, disconnected from the world and surrounded by miles of nothing but ice and snow, with the only mode of travel being a pack of trained Yetti's pulling a broken-down Florida oranges crate with two brooms attached as skiis, we'll find some way to get that info to you! (okay, okay.. perhaps that's pushing it slightly, we may have trouble finding more than one Yeti). Let us put it in a different way, if it matters to you.. you'll hear about it from us. 'Nuff said.

This site is about community. We do our best to make the environment friendly to all walks of life in the game development world. We're all game developers in some form.. is there anything easier to get together behind than the pursuit of creating the ultimate game? We look forward to talking with you all out in the discussion forums.

How did you create the site?

GameDev.net has a rather interesting history. Starting from a conversation between Dave Astle of Sweet.Oblivion and Mike Tanczos of Game Programming 99, an idea of the owners of several of the largest game development sites in the world to join forces was forged. At first we thought small, deciding to create a simple resource page which would merely link to each other's prime material.

After contacting John Munsch of DevGames, the possibilities were blown into the stratosphere. Not wanting to create merely a portal page, Munsch insisted that our sites join forces to create one large site. Discussion between the people behind the sites began, quickly leading to an agreement to launch a game development site which would come to make even so-called 'mega-sites' look small.

Realizing the potential of an existing Affiliate group created by Michael Tanczos, which consisted of the three previous sites and the Game Development Search Engine, Wotsit's Format, and Demonews, discussion further escalated to include those sites. This resulted in an agreement on varying levels between all the sites to assist each other in the creation of the new site, which we dubbed "GameDev.net".

The domain was snatched up, and design and layout discussions began in early April. By the beginning of May, development on the site would begin at a feverish pace. Slating our original launch at June 1st, we realized that an effort of this magnitude would be impossible to achieve in that short of a time. Development would continue up to our finalized June 15th launch date.

GameDev.net v1 6/99-12/99

GameDev.net would undergo many changes over the next few years. We soon added several major sites to our family as hostees, including NeHe Productions, the best place on the web to learn about OpenGL, and Wotsit's File Formats. As the years have progressed, GameDev.net has continued to grow and evolve into the site you see it today. Here's a look back at the evolution so far:

GameDev.net v2 1/00-6/01

GameDev.net v3 7/01-10/05

GameDev.net v3.1 1/02-5/03

GameDev.net v3.2 6/03-4/04

GameDev.net v3.3 5/04-10/05

GameDev.net v4 11/05-1/11