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Forum Posts to Check Out

Game Engine Advice - Started by Happy SDE in For Beginners
Xml Dialog Tree For C++ - Started by Elit3d in For Beginners
Xml Parser, C++ - Started by sjhalayka in General Programming
Directx 11 For Small Scale And Directx 12 For Large Scale. - Started by arjansingh00 in DirectX and XNA
Does Anyone Know What El Means In The Context Of Shading Equations From The Book "real Time Rendering"? - Started by Maik Klein in Graphics Programming and Theory

Newest Articles

Troubleshooting Physically-Based Content

Physically-based rendering (PBR) is increasing in popularity and with its vast range of benefits, it is no wonder why. Artists can now remove the guesswork around authoring surface attributes and s...

Industry Producer Interview Project: Game Development Team Problems Analysis (Part 2)

Eric Chou provides a very detailed, academic analysis of key problems he has encountered as a Producer for Tiberium Secrets, including potential solutions and an interview with SME: Louis Castle, c...

Designing a Mobile Game Technology Stack

A look at the technology stack designed by Rumar Gaming that allows rapid release of new games without worrying about non-gameplay functionality, databases or API hosting.

Load Testing with Locust.io

This post gives a brief overview of how Kongregate uses Locust.io to perform distributed load testing of our infrastructure on AWS. It explains how we defined and ran our tests, along with covering...

Shadow Map Silhouette Revectorization (SMSR)

SMSR is MLAA based post-processing algorithm which aims to revectorize low res shadow maps.

Vulkan 101 Tutorial

From WinMain to triangle on the screen.

Procedural Generation: Implementation Considerations

This article discusses considerations when you are implementing procedural generation (procgen) systems.
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