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Newest Articles

Shadows and light on Kepler 22

A brief description of the lighting system of the Kepler22 game.
Kepler22 is an open world game with mixed indoor / outdoor environment and full dynamic lighting which runs smoothly even on th...

Game Engine Containers - handle_map

This article explores the creation of a data container for game programming. This container is meant to take the place of C++ standard library containers such as std::map and std::unordered_map, wi...

Pupping - a method for serializing data

A look in to a useful pattern for serializing data which separates the serialization process from the resulting data. This pattern is very similar to boost serialization without the boost dependenc...

Five and a Half Steps to Efficient Meetings

How to go about planning and running successful meetings

Custom Deleters for C++ Smart Pointers

We all know that smart pointers are really nice things and we should be using them instead of raw new and delete. But what if deleting a pointer is not only the thing we need to call before the obj...

Long-Awaited Check of CryEngine V

In May 2016, German game-development company Crytek made a decision to upload the source code of their game engine CryEngine V to Github. This article gives an overview of errors found in the proje...

Troubleshooting Physically-Based Content

Physically-based rendering (PBR) is increasing in popularity and with its vast range of benefits, it is no wonder why. Artists can now remove the guesswork around authoring surface attributes and s...
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