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Constant buffer - Memory error - Started by Kamil9132 in DirectX and XNA
How to organize your code and design your system - Started by AVAVT in For Beginners
mutant cat laboratory game - Started by Efimero in Game Design
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Newest Articles

Procedural Level Generation for a 2D Platformer

Procedurally generating every element of a level for a 2d platformer is rarely discussed -- Fabien details his entire approach.

Basic OpenAL sound manager for your project

Adding sound to your project can be a terrifying experience. You have to find the right library, right sound format and also put it all together. This tutorial is designed to be simple and yet a li...

Noise Generation

This article explores how to create procedurally generated noise with continuity (inspired by Ken Perlin's work). The resulting products can be applied towards generating terrain, clouds, dynam...

Overview of Modern Volume Rendering Techniques for Games - Part 2

In this second post from our multi-post series on volume rendering for games, I’ll explain the technical basics that most solutions share. Through all the series I’ll concentrate on ‘realistic’, sm...

Introduction to Software Optimization

Takes you through the process and goes over the various techniques to optimizing your code

Making a Game with Blend4Web Part 3: Level Design

Third part of tutorial on game development with Blend4Web. This article is about how the game scene is assembled, and also about creating the lava effect.

Using Varadic Templates for a Signals and Slots Implementation in C++

Varadic templates allow for signals and slots systems to be implemented in an elegant and concise manner and are a good example of how the power of varadic templates can be used to simplify generic...
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