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The twitter links appear dead.
I like that format a lot more - the summary doesn't make the content irrelevant, and there is no sense of the disjoint when clicking through.
@Silicon Munky - thanks! I forgot to clean up the URLs since I copied them when I was logged in. I logged out and tested them and they should work now

@swiftcoder - glad I'm finally getting the hang of it - hope others agree!
Nice daily, Drew!
The chunk of text labeled "Studio News: Bizarre Creations, Disney Interactive, Zynga New York, Kaos Studios." is almost a wall of text. There appears to be a formatting issue with your bullets - they aren't appearing on a new line, and are just clumped together.
Enjoyed the daily, though, thank you!
Sympathies to everyone at Bizarre affected by this. For what it's worth, I did buy Blur, but couldn't afford to purchase your company. Sorry. :(
@Servant of the Lord - that's always been like that. I use the bullets to separate the stories. Usually I segue to the next story but I like the bullets as demarcation so I can just start talking about the next studio
I like the idea of 8-bit funding, because finding good game-related stuff on Kickstarter is hard. Inexplicably their browsing functionality is horrendous. Go ahead, click on Discover, and then the Games category. So far so good. Now, what do you do if you want to look at the newest game projects? Or maybe the game projects ending soon? If you clicked on "Recently Launched" or "Ending Soon" then I'm sure you are just as annoyed as I was.

finding good game-related stuff on Kickstarter is hard

And that is not to mention their dubious decision to lump video games in with tabletop/board games...