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Unity Technologies and Noesis Interactive Announce New Service

by Noesis_Interactive

Unity Technologies and Noesis Interactive Announce New Service as Academic Institutions Standardize on Unity

24/7 Unity Training Now Available for $19.95 per month...

The Daily GameDev.net

by Ravuya

The voice on the other end of the line was unmistakable. "You must do a Monday Daily, every week, without fail, or we'll eat this delicious cupcake we found in your fridge." I was chilled to the bone, but tried not to let it slip when I told them yes. I had something up my sleeve, and they were all going to find out about it.

So, World Cup. I don't know much about soccer, but I do know a lot about watching a low-scoring game that is oddly enthralling. What I didn't expect was having to wait in line for every single pub, nightclub and sports bar within three thousand kilometers of my place. Still worth it.

Apparently Microsoft's "Project Natal" has been renamed to "Kinect," which in my opinion is a continuation of the Nintendo policy of giving your devices stupid names and then waiting for the media to not stop talking about those names. Well, mission accomplished. Also, these stuffed animals have some kind of secret integration with the new device. I'm thinking you can unleash them, Masters of the Universe style, on unsuspecting enemies in Halo 14. At least there's lightsaber fighting at launch. There's also some freaky looking slim Xbox 360 on the way.

Sega must have gotten dumped by their boyfriend, because they're sending me love letters with some Dreamcast re-releases on (presumably) XBLA.

There's another Gran Turismo 5 trailer. You're going to want to watch it. Poor Subaru. All it ever wanted was to make a growling burbling noise and race down a track.

So what happened with the Atari Lynx during its development? Apparently, it was at one point the Electronic Nuclear Toaster. I would have bought that.

In indie news, I just heard about this cool Chinese indie game and its crazy art. It looks really cool!

As always, before you go today you're going to want to be more careful when you steal a bank safe and tow it behind your car.

The Daily GameDev.net

by Ravuya

Welcome to a special Extended Edition of Monday's GDNet Daily. Promit is indisposed at the moment, so you're going to get a double dose of me.

First off, like I said yesterday, the Infinity Ward/Activision spat continues, with eight more employees leaving Infinity Ward. The total is now reportedly a staggering twenty-six employees. I guess the guys who do the credits video editing will have to work overtime.

Jet Set Radio is rumoured to be arriving on Xbox Live Arcade soon, joining other Dreamcast ports in what I hope is an avalanche of awesome.

The Supreme Court will indeed hear a case regarding the sale of violent videogames to minors. The California law fines retailers who sold or rented mature video games to minors, and the Supreme Court hearing of it has the potential to set a dangerous precedent.

Square-Enix is making a new Extreme Edges label for the violent "Western" games that it carries in Japan, including Kane and Lynch 2. I am still having a lot of trouble getting over the concept of Square-Enix as a "Western games" publisher, even though I picked up the excellent Just Cause 2 and are anticipating a huge glut of new titles that they've been involved with to some degree, including Deus Ex 3.

Steam's pretty new look is out of beta, and with it comes a series of discounts on Rockstar games, including Grand Theft Auto 4 for only $7.50.

Is Singapore a bustling metropolis of game development? $14.6 million USD is hoping that will change your tune. Reportedly it's meant to be spent on MMOs, "financial management games" and start-ups, which is a distinct change from other regional incentives, such as the various Quebecois tax breaks I frequently hear about.

Whoa, what the? A Red Faction TV movie? Oh, it's on Syfy. Expect giant rubber sharks to feature prominently, and Lorenzo Lamas to play the lead.

Hey, you can't leave like that. Stay awhile and check out this guy's crazy apartment.

The Daily GameDev.net

by Ravuya

Welcome back to another week of the GDNet Daily. This week, we'll look into who fought who at the GDC atop a crystalline building of unimaginable beauty. It's not who you think!

The big news of this week so far is that the Infinity Ward co-founders who were punted out recently by Activision have formed a new company, Respawn Entertainment, and have a partnership with EA. They're hiring! Also getting sued.

People Can Fly has a new game on the way called Bulletstorm, which is reportedly a title about "outrageously large guns." Considering it's being published by Epic, who I'm told have an incredibly strong tolerance for large guns, I expect to have a sniper rifle with a barrel at least half a kilometer long. It looks to have some dinosaur dudes that you can shoot. Sold!

Sony's questionable-looking wavy wand control device, previously called the PlayStation Move, is now the Sony Navigation Controller. Both names are stupid. They should have called it the Wandman, or the Manwa - uh - on the other hand, Navigation Controller is probably the best we could have hoped for in the waggly-device hardware category.

Have you ever wondered what the guy on the other side of the computer looks like when you steal his imaginary ship and cost him some imaginary dollars? He might have a computer like this because he really likes EVE Online.

Some Japanese housewives are addicted to videogames. Does this really require a book? Most importantly, they don't tell us which games they're playing! They're probably spending all their time online macking on the EVE Online guy in the previous link.

Whoa, what's this Hero Core? I hope to see more games with 1-bit colour in the future. It's almost like the Spectrum and Gameboy had children, and those children want you to shoot flashing things. Hey, I didn't go to Metaphor School like Trent.

In conclusion, The Phantom Menace is not a good movie.

The Daily GameDev.net

by evolutional

Thank generic honeycomb-centred chocolate bar it's Friday. I've been sick for the past few days, so today actually feels more like a Monday for me... On with Fronday's GDNet daily.

Drew mentioned an epic list of studio openings and closings yesterday. Today it's emerged that EVE Online developer CCP are opening up a new office in the North East of the UK. This is good news as its the same area that was hit hard last year with the closure of Midway Newcastle and is an area of recent and soon-to-be graduates of game development-related degree courses.

... and that's not all. Naughty Dog are moving to a bigger studio, 500 feet away from their current Santa Monica base. EA are at it too, announcing that their Salt Lake City studio is expanding to ramp up work on a new "groundbreaking project" that involves their core team behind The Sims.

Christofer Sundberg, the CEO of European indie studio Avalanche has told Develop that the game industry has become a "big chicken farm" and that publishers "should cancel more projects" when they begin to look shaky in order to help better manage their costs. Sundberg is emphasising quality over quantity here and says it'd be better to cut loose a project of questionable quality before the costs of developing it get too high. Um, rocket science it isn't... He also believes that game developers have lost their way to uncertainty in the recession, hence the chicken farm comment. In the same interview, he talks about how he believes owning one's own IP is the best way an indie studio can grow and increase their own worth. He takes a slight pop at the trend in the US for indies to sell out to bigger studios "too early" and losing control over your own direction.

Develop, the UK-based game development magazine, run a game dev salary survey every year - here's this year's update. Are you earning what you can? It's interesting to see the breakdowns and the hint that 30% of developers are expecting to change jobs this year. Fluid.

UK game retailer, Game, have announced that they're closing concessions, a few stores and reducing staff levels, losing 247 jobs across 43 locations in the process. Tough market conditions and slumping sales are being blamed, especially the lower-than-expected sales on the Nintendo systems last year.

Finally, UK Indies may be interested in an event that Screen Yorkshire are hosting in April. "State of Independence" is a one day conference held at the York Racecourse and will focus on the challenges and opportunities of self-publishing.

I'm off to drink my cold away. Have a good weekend y'all :)...

Ruby on Rails Training

by SIQTraining

SolutionsIQ Ruby on Rails training is a hands-on introduction into this exciting, open-source framework for the Ruby programming language....

The Daily GameDev.net

by evolutional

Will you Arc at 'im! So rumor central is firing up and it's reported (by VG247) that the much-awaited PS3 motion controller will be called "Arc". Ait's also going to be out "this year", apparently. Sony have neither confirmed or denied, saying that they "don't comment on rumor or speculation". It could have merit, or it could not... you decide. Either way "Arc"... I don't feel overly inspired - do you?

GTA: ChinaTouch: Soooo, this game hit me by surprise. @RockstarGames, the sneaky hobbitsses that they are released the iPhone/iPod touch port of GTA: ChinaTown Wars with very little fanfare. I only knew about it when TouchArcade came across it and posted a first impressions article. Suffice to say, it's a great game - and the sales figures for this week have it posted as the #1 selling iPhone game already, booting CoD:Zombies from the top spot. At US$9.99 or GBP5.99, it's cheaper than the DS/PSP version too. Many congrats to the Rockstar Leeds (local lads & lasses!) who made it happen.

Average UK Dev salary GBP32k: The headline says it all really, but a recent survey shows that the average UK salary for a game developer is around GBP32,000. Really? I must say that when looking around I saw little evidence of it myself... But, the figures do show a surprising rise of 1,500
on last year's figures. I just hope that this is due to a wage increase and isn't due to the huge number of layoffs seen this year.

XBox LIVE's Dec 2009 sales: Gamasutra have an interesting article detailing the sales figures of XBox Live in December 2009. Yorkshire Developers Team 17 had a great month, with Worms and the new Alien Breed Evolution achieving good sales mid-month - although the article analysis does question how they will intend to follow up with the next few episodes. Shadow Complex dropped from $15 to $10 and saw a HUGE boost in sales - from 16.5k to nearly 54k. Other similar "deal of the day" discounts show that it can boost sales for selected titles well.

UK Mobile Games hit 170m in 2009: So UK consumers have spent GBP170million on mobile games in 2009. Curiously, the gender demographic is almost even split, with 53% blokes downloading games and 47% being ladies. Almost half all all downloaders have spent 5 a month on average. 39% of all downloads have hit the 20-34 market, with teens at 18%. That's actually a large proportion of 35+ mobile gamers out there.

WoW2! not rly: I've read people talking about WoW having a sequel for a while - I dont see why, because there's still plenty o'mook in t'old cash coo. Mike Morhaime, president of Blizzard, has downplayed any speculation of a sequel to WoW stating that they've not got a long term 5-10 year plan for the franchise. I'm surprised, being that there's 12 million+ people paying a subscription fee for the game.

GDC 2010 Sessions: I'm not going. But lots of you probably are! There's some great sessions up already - SCEA's Ben Diamond will talk about God of War III's shadowing system, Blizzard's Dominic Filion will talk about StarCraft 2's engine, Jon Blow talks about Braid's rewind feature and much more. I'm jealous. It sounds like a great GDC already....

Freelance writers site for one-off jobs

by Erlend Sogge Heggen

An interesting new option in freelance services has just emerged: CrowdedText.com

Crowded Text is a service that allows anyone to launch a writing contest of their choosing. The user specifies the prize money and conditions. There is a $5 dollar fee for every new contest, and an extra 10% is charged off of the prize amount, covering PayPal expenses.

This service might prove very suitable as a cheap and professional way for indie game developers to add that creative color to their game without complicated screenings. In open projects it is a model worth exploring, perhaps to expedite documentation efforts, as is being put to the test already by the jMonkey Game Engine's entry....

The Daily GameDev.net

by evolutional

Modern Wealth: Modern Warfare 2 has been good for Activision, Grossing over $550million in 5 days. It's also been good for Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, who's been exercising his stock options to rake in $20million on launch day and a further $17million recently. Go on, treat yourself to that new speedboat.

Modern Morefare: Hardly suprising, but after Modern Warfare 2's success, Activision are reported to have charged a third studio, working alongside Infinity Ward and Treyarch to work on another Call of Duty game. There's also rumors of a Call of Duty MMO. Hmm, ok.

Australia Game Dev Layoffs: Australia's Game Development industry has had a rough time as of late and I'm saddened to hear that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed developer Krome Studios has announced an undisclosed number of layoffs.

Europe PS3 Movie Rental: From tomorrow (Thursday) PS3 owners in Europe can access PSN's Video Store, allowing them to rent movies from e1.99 and buy from e7.99 per title. The service, which works in a similar way to XBox LIVE's video service, allows you to watch the video for 48 hours after you press play. A nice feature lets you transfer your films to your PSP for watching on the move. The services launches with around 2000 titles available

UK Temp Worker Ruling: Game studios in the UK may no longer enjoy the benefits of hiring temporary workers as the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 bill aims to grant similar rights as permanent staff to temp workers. Tiga are warning that this move could adversely affect game developers as it would reduce flexibility and ultimately competitiveness of UK studios overseas.

Un-Fun-Q3-Com: Norweigian MMO developers FunCom have announced a $9.59million loss for Q3 of 2009, blaming market conditions and releases from competitors such as Aion and Champions Online stealing people away from Age Of Conan. The company are looking to the future with the Q2 2010 release of their next MMO, The Secret World.

Square Enix announce Supreme Commander 2: Square Enix have announced Supreme Commander 2 for a spring release on the XBox 360 and PC. The game is being developed by Chris Taylor's Gas Powered Games. I'm looking forward to waging large scale war with giant robots and nuclear weapons again.

iPhone Piracy: Seems to be a regular feature in my posts, but Gamasutra have posted a feature detailing the findings of Pinch Media's Greg Yardley. In his report, he details that over 60% of iPhone applications have been pirated and fears that the figures could be even higher. I find it disturbing that even the low-cost games of the app store are subject to such systemic theft by unscrupulous pirates.

Zynga VC Funding: Social Networking games studio Zynga have seen a $15million cash injection from an unnamed venture capital source. The company has courted controvesy over the past few weeks over its in-game advertising models and allegations of hidden scams and confusing offers....

The Daily GameDev.net

by evolutional

Modern What?: The big news today is that the release of Modern Warfare 2 has seen the game sell over 1.23 million units in a single day in the UK. This doubles the previous record set by GTA IV in 2008. 1.23 million units is coming up to half the 3 million units shipped to the UK in the first place.... With success like this, it's hardly suprising that there's a rumour that the next Medal Of Honor game may be set in the present day.

EA Layoffs: Promit covered the huge EA number of layoffs yesterday - today it's come out that the layoffs will hit some of the major studios within EA. The Command and Conquer team to to have taken a huge hit as well as Pandemic, Mythic and Maxis. This is coming at a time where EA's early and heavy betting on the Wii has fallen short of their expectations.

Natal Leak: MCV are reporting that Natal will be with us in November 2010, will release with 14 games and cost between 30-50 GBP. No wonder that Microsoft have listed several Natal-related jobs on its site.

XBox Pirates Walk the plank: As I reported last week, Microsoft were threatening to ban the XBox Live accounts of those that have modded their console to play pirated games. Today Microsoft have confirmed the move and banned those accounts affected. Although Microsoft have declined to give an actual figure, gamesindustry.biz estimate it to be around 600,000 users - a small percentage of the actual Live users out there.

40% UK Studios unaffected by Piracy: Develop are reporting that a recent survey by TIGA shows that 40% of UK studios don't feel that piracy is an issue that affects their business. The vast majority (90%) do, however see it as being an increasing threat in the future. This comes on the back of the large iPhone piracy figures that have been dripping out over the past couple of weeks.

Odds and Sods


The Daily GameDev.net

by evolutional

It's Wednesday again and it's dark in the mornings now. I'm not happy - do you know how hard it's getting to drag my carcass out of its sleep pit? On with the show.

Rumor - Unity gets big investment: There's a rumor going around that Unity has received $5.5m in its latest round of funding. The indie-friendly engine is going from strength to strength and I'm sure this latest cash injection won't hurt matters.

HMV to move in on old Zavvi stores: At least two of the bankrupt retailer Zavvi's old stores will be temporarily snapped up by HMV in the run up for Christmas.

Transmission Games Closes: Sad news for Australian developers Transmission Games, who have gone into receivership and have been forced to let go of all their staff.

Spligate Ironworks sheds 50 staff: More bad studio news - John Romero's Slipgate Ironworks studio has suffered a blow as owners Gazillion have "changed the format" of the MMO studio's project causing it to lay off 50 staff.

Are Publishers a necessary evil?: Gamasutra's Brandon Sheffield examines whether publishers deserve the bad rep they get from developers.

Discs, be gone! EA's Peter Moore uses the 5th PLAY Digital Media Conference to talk of a digital future for games, stating that the current model is" burning" and will be no more in 10 years. I love the idea of
digital distribution, but I can see some of the UK's broadband infrastructure creaking under the strain.

Code to Joy: Develop magazine have posted a feature about the role of an audio programmer. It talks about the challenges faced by audio developers in the new breed of games. See, it's not just about making a sound sample play repeatedly!

Pocket Rocket: CSI creator Anthony Zuiker pushes the boundaries of 17+ soft porn on the iPhone with the release of a Suicide Girls game. Is that an iPhone in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
Pocket Money: The iPhone has led the way in filling Apple's coffers who have reported a record profit $1.67bnin their 4th fiscal quarter. There literally is an App for that.

Out of Memory: Microsoft have upset memory card makers Datel with the announcement that the next XBox 360 update will block access to non-Microsoft memory cards and peripherals. But hey, at least we get Facebook, Twitter and Last.fm - right?

XBox LIVE Rewards: Microsoft have recently sent out an email asking people to sign up to their pilot rewards programme. But sneakily, they haven't said what it actually entails. I wonder if everyone picked will win a Datel memory card? It closes today so snap to it.

Infinity Ward Upset PC Gamers: Infinity Ward annoyed PC gamers at the start of the week by announcing no dedicated servers for Modern Warfare 2, choosing instead to push people through their matchmaking service IWNet. After receiving over 110,000 signatures on an online petition against the action, Infinity Ward are trying to calm the issue.

World of Goo: The "pay as you like" experiment 2d Boy are running with their game World of Goo is a "huge success". The figures are mind blowing; in the last week there have been over 57,000 sales of the game - around 17,000 paying 1cent, but with a similar number paying between $1 and $2 for it. By surveying select people, the developer has established that people are paying what they can afford - not what they perceive the value of the game to be. I won't list the figures, but go read them for yourself- it's very interesting.

The Daily GameDev.net

by Ravuya

Coming up next: another week of the GDNet Daily, featuring excitement, thrills, chills and yes, even spills. You'll pay for your whole browser request, but you'll only need the edge. Monday, Monday, Monday!

Curious about news on Gran Turismo 5 now that arch-rival Forza Motorsport 3 is releasing new screenshots and news pretty much every single millisecond? So am I, which is why I'm glad to see these new screenshots of the GT5 menu system.

Did you know there was a Kingdom Hearts for the DS? Well, I didn't, which is why it's kind of surprising seeing two new trailers for Kingdom Hearts games on the DS and PSP. I'll wait for Kingdom Hearts Dissidia, personally. The Wii remake of A Boy and His Blob seems to be getting some positive press exposure; it certainly looks the business. There's a pre-order-only weapon for Left 4 Dead 2; a baseball bat. Bonk!

Derek Yu's excellent roguelike Indiana Jones simulator, Spelunky, is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, which means that soon I will be spending a lot of time pinned to my Xbox throwing girls down wells to see if they are safe to jump down.

There is some sad news today, in that BottleRocket, the developer that was formerly heading up the remake of Splatterhouse until Namco pulled the plug, has closed. Best of luck to everyone affected.

The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is ongoing, which seems to be actually producing more news I care about per second than even E3 does. There's updates on apocalyptic Beetle buggy boogie Scrap Metal, which I've previously covered in this space. There's also some videos of Uncharted 2 in action, and Mass Effect 2 screenshots.

Before I go today, be sure to remember that Dirt 2 is coming out this week, which will give Europeans a chance to see the only way that rally racing has ever been successfully marketed to the North American stereotype crowd....

Upcoming Agile Training Courses Offered By SolutionsIQ, Inc.

by SIQTraining

Upcoming Courses provided by SolutionsIQ. CSM and CSPO training.
Now offering courses in Vancouver BC!...

Develop launches global Quality of Live survey

by edfear

Develop magazine has launched a global survey into the Quality of Life issue facing the games development industry. The survey is open to all in the sector, and the results will be shown to both the IGDA and Tiga. We want to create an accurate overview of what real industry people feel about their working conditions - not what outspoken studio heads feel.

We'd really appreciate your input! The link is: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=Evt8QqVZsXnbPMbHVl7fKw_3d_3d...

Single Player released! - A tale of Google Summer of Code

by mithro

Thousand Parsec is pleased to announce our first release that includes single player support. This release combines the work of three Google Summer of Code students and shows how participating in Google Summer of Code is a great way to get involved with Open Source game development....

Noesis Interactive Announces the Addition of Curriculum to SourceU

by Noesis_Interactive

Today Noesis Interactive announced an agreement with Valve Corporation to provide SourceU developers with educational content including, curriculum, lecture materials and assessment aids for six game development classes downloadable through Steam, a leading platform for the distribution and management of PC games with over 20 million accounts worldwide....

The GameDev.net Daily

by Ravuya

Happy Day That May or May Not Be A Holiday. Canadians will get to spend time with their family, while Americans will spend time worshipping the graven images of their departed presidents. Other countries may also be having a holiday, but ethnocentrism has taken me this far and I think I'll be okay riding it out.

First up is a remake of an incredibly obscure game, Death Tank. If you were a Sega Saturn owner several years ago, you might have found a hidden Scorched Earth clone deep inside an otherwise forgettable FPS called PowerSlave. Well, as promised, a remake will arrive in Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday.

You might remember me posting about the TIGSource "demakes" contest previously, where I emitted girl-like glee over the possibility of having our favourite modern games beaten into a pulp and poured gently into a jello mould of reinterpreted gameplay deliciousness. Well, one of the games, Gang Garrison, has seen a brand new version. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a Team Fortress 2 demake that seems actually more featureful than the game it's supposed to be based on. All nine classes are represented and you'd better go play it right now.

It wouldn't be a Daily post without some complicated series of biz transactions, and as such, Activision is very upset at EA for stealing Brtal Legend away. What's juicy about this post is the EA representative at the end comparing Activision to an unfit and abusive father and husband. I don't make this stuff up, people. To hear it from EA, Activision probably came home at all hours, reeking of booze, and yelled at little Troika for not working hard enough on his homework.

The economy-related flameout of tech industries is pretty nasty, but a lot of people from Ensemble are getting back on their feet and starting a new studio in this rough time. Good luck, guys! Unfortunately, if you work at Google, you may no longer have free imported beer. My heart bleeds for the poor people at Google, restricted to having to get free American beer.

Finally, before you go today, long-running jaundice drama The Simpsons got a new introductory sequence after 19 years to deal with the advent of HDTV....

Record Attendance Experienced at the 2009 Carolina Games Summit

by meeveret

Over 1400 attendees, special guests, and exhibitors made up the largest gaming event in the Carolinas. For twelve hours Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC, was transformed into a mecca for the video game community. Chad Dezern of Insomniac Games commented on the Summit, "It is a great way to meet people who are playing games, and people..."...

The Daily GameDev.net

by Ravuya

It's time for another week of compelling GDNet dailies, where we hopefully won't go bankrupt and shut down like certain American electronics retailers.

You may be interested, as an owner of a personal computer, to see that the CEO of Bioware believes that PC games are more popular than ever. I'm not entirely sure that's accurate, but we have been hearing about the gory death of our favorite platform for quite some time now, and it hasn't yet happened. I would feel much better about it if, for instance, the majority of those dollars weren't coming from World of Warcraft. That's like saying the pharmaceutical industry in America is doing well because people buy a lot of crack. Regardless, whatever keeps people making games for Windows and the like is okay by me; it's starting to worry me that I see the same arguments on PC gamer forums as I used to see on Inside Mac Games in the mid-1990s about buying games to "support the platform."

Speaking of platforms and loads and the like, you may be interested that Nintendo claims credit for "99%" of the growth of videogames last year. It's a strange and quite precise number, but there's no doubt that the Wii and DS together are a license to print money. I'm wondering if I should start a 100-day protest, wherein I do exactly what I'm doing now, to get a development kit. If anyone from Nintendo is here and wants to stop me from continuing my life as normal, give me a call and make with the devkit before I hurt myself opening a can of beans or something.

Personally, I've never felt a particular whim to be married by a Spartan-class military cyborg, but if that's your kind of thing, do I have a couple for you. Anyone who really loves Old Bungie will no doubt be shaking their fist at them for ignoring basic tenets of Bungie fanboyism: there is no mention of frog blasting any cores, let alone the vent core, nobody on the guest list is named Bob (perhaps they left none alive), and there's an odd lack of the number 7.

Before you go today, check out this video of Snapshot, which has been nominated in this year's IGF for Excellence in Design. I guarantee you it will be enjoyable....

Help Wanted Picks

by jbadams

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be a regular new fortnightly front-page item here at GDNet, aiming to highlight some of the better or more interesting projects from the many that pass through our Help Wanted Forum. I'll be providing a brief description and link to the recruitment threads of Help Wanted projects that I think stand out and may be of interest to the community at large - check today's full article for a partnership with an indie developer with 2 previous succesful titles, a long term OSS RPG project with several succesful releases, several individuals offering their services to help with your project and more....

Multiple Open Source games accepted into Google of Code

by mithro

Google Summer of Code is a program where Google funds students to work on Open Source projects over the summer. They have recently announced their mentor organisation list and Google has been very good to the Open Source gaming community again this year, there are a total of 7 game projects and 5 game related projects. Why not put an application in and get PAID to work on a Open Source game over the summer!...

Juice Games Open Day

by ViLiO

If you are a student with your sights set on working in the games industry, and you can make it to Warrington (Cheshire, UK) this April, then why not stop by at the Juice Games Open Day 2008!

More Information Here...

Header graphic contest final reminder

by Zuurman

A few weeks ago we announced the Game Research Forum Header graphic contest. (Winner takes $125, second $50 and third $25!) This is a final reminder that the deadline is the 15th of March....

Noesis Interactive wants to meet you at GDC 2008 !!

by Noesis_Interactive

Are you a member of a successful Mod Team? Are you going to be at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this year? If you answered yes to both of these questions then Noesis Interactive wants to meet with you! Noesis Interactive works with industry giants such as Valve, IGN, Softimage, and Autodesk to expand knowledge regarding game modding and development through easy to follow video modules. Were interested in speaking with modders and developers about their roles and experiences in order to lend insight to the rest of the Mod community. This is a great opportunity to promote both your Mod and your team. So, if youre going to be at GDC and are interested in being involved, please respond to this message or email benm@noesisinteractive.com for more details. We hope to see you there!...

Game Research Forum graphic contest!

by Zuurman

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the Xentax Game Research Forum this year, we are organizing a graphic contest! The idea is to create a new header for the forum that will serve as front from then on! Winner takes $125, second $50 and third $25! If you think are up to it, then read on for the requirements!...

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