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Marketing my latest mobile game - post mortem of the first month

Published in Business and Law

By Marc Bourbonnais - Compiling a list and thoughts of my marketing efforts during the first month of my latest mobile game

Crowdfunding as Marketing

Published in Business and Law

By Kevin Harwood - What if we reverse engineered crowdfunding platforms as a marketing tool?

3 Steps to Mastering Your Game’s Soft Launch

Published in Business and Law

By Keith Andrew - Discusses the region-specific "soft launch" approach for mobile titles, a trial which could make or break your title without global impact

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4gency’s First Year Pt. 2: Node.Hack, the Problem Child

Feb 16 2014 07:09 PM | Posted By Charles N. Cox in Business and Law
Node.Hack is 4gency's first title, with a year and a half of lessons to teach about ads, trials, marketing, monetization, and missteps. Dig into the numbers on this multiplatform mobile action puzzler.

Tagged With:  android  ios  iphone  monetization  windows phone  advertising  marketing  trials  media 

You Don't Need to Hide Your Source Code

Dec 20 2013 05:07 PM | Posted By Julian Marchant in Business and Law
It's fashionable these days for authors of video games to keep the source code to these games a secret, but this is entirely unnecessary for commercialism and detrimental to players. Learn why here.

Tagged With:  source code  open source  free software  DRM  modding support 

Why your Games are Unfinished, and What To Do About It

Nov 15 2013 05:32 PM | Posted By Arian Allenson M. Valdez in Business and Law
Find out the most common pitfalls of beginning developers, and how successful game developers overcame them

Tagged With:  games  development  marketing  business  motivation  beginner 

How NOT to Market Your Indie Game

Oct 27 2013 04:32 AM | Posted By Dushan Chaciej (aka. ANtY) in Business and Law
There are so many of those ‘How to market your indie game’ articles written by more or less successful developers that I decided to write about this from a different angle… from my angle… from an angle of failure.I have a long record of failing at marketing and PR and you can easily check that by looking at my name/nick and not recognizing it. Thus you can trust me on what I’m going to say.

Tagged With:  indie  games  marketing  indie games  video games  promotion  press release  game developers  indie developers  advice  tutorial  tips  pr 

Creating a Business Plan

Aug 19 2013 11:17 AM | Posted By Steve Pavlina in Business and Law
Steve shares some thoughts on creating a written plan for your new business after he spent time and research working on his own


Untangling Licensing and Copyright in Game Art

Aug 15 2013 02:40 PM | Posted By Theodore Jefferson in Business and Law
Believe it or not, all three major categories of intellectual property can and do affect your game project, even if you haven't given them a great deal of consideration or filed any paperwork yet. Despite the (often correct) protests of many programmers, software can be patented. Software is copyrighted the moment it hits your computer's RAM or hard drive, and if you have a title for...

Tagged With:  llicensing  copyright  art  trademark  patent 

Advertising Your Games

Aug 09 2013 10:41 PM | Posted By Joseph Lieberman in Business and Law
Advertising has always been a rough market. Not only is it extremely competitive, expensive, and risky, but it also changes as fast as any market. Get some advice on making it work for you.

Tagged With:  advertising  pr 

Open Source and the Gaming Industry

Aug 09 2013 08:36 AM | Posted By Richard D Shank in Business and Law
Open source has become a big buzzword, with many people not really understanding what it really is. Learn more about open source and its use within game development

Tagged With:  open source 

4gency’s First Year Pt. 1: A Look at Armored Drive

May 09 2013 01:22 PM | Posted By Charles N. Cox in Business and Law
This is Part One of a series of posts about 4gency’s first year in operation, including data on monetization, app marketing campaigns, and user acquisition

Tagged With:  postmortem  ios  mobile  monetization 

Pitch Your Game: Pitching Tips from a Game Industry Catcher

Apr 22 2013 10:24 AM | Posted By Joshua Dallman in Business and Law
A veteran industry producer tells you what you need to do to get your pitch noticed by publishers

Tagged With:  pitch  funding  tips 

Why Kickstarters Fail and How to Avoid It

Apr 16 2013 05:14 PM | Posted By Menashe Kestenbaum in Business and Law
I’ve had the opportunity of observing a fair few video game Kickstarter campaigns over the past few weeks from a close proximity. Some succeeded, others didn’t. Being in touch with many of the campaign starters has given me a bit of insight into why some Kickstarters fail and others succeed. It’s too often that you see a really great concept fail to build any kind of steam in their funding.

Tagged With:  kickstarter 

Social Media Handbook Policy

Apr 05 2013 09:17 PM | Posted By Preeti Khanolkar in Business and Law
Do I need to disclose that I work for a game company when I'm talking about their games on my blog? Can my company tell me not to tweet about controversial work-related things that upset me? Can they prohibit me from becoming Facebook friends with my coworkers? Is my company's social media handbook policy even legal? Read on to find out!

Tagged With:  social media  law  intermediate  social  policy  facebook  twitter 

Video Game Localisation - A Tricky Game

Mar 29 2011 10:00 PM | Posted By Christian Arno in Business and Law
Get an overview of the process and pitfalls of localizing a game for several countries during or after development

Tagged With:  game  localisation  translation  text  might  original  games  translated  gaming  localization