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3D in Photoshop: The Ultimate Guide for Creative Professionals

By Zorana Gee, Pete Falco | Published Jan 31 2011 11:00 PM in Visual Arts

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[heading]10.5. Adding the Wet Look to the Street[/heading]

The car will kick up water as it is speeding through the streets. But first let's give the road a wet look. Essentially we are going to affect the Reflection properties of the street. Let's get started.

Step 1: Make sure that the City Block layer is chosen. With the 3D Materials panel open select the material for the street which is “GraphicMaterial-32.”

Posted Image
Fig 10.38

Note: Materials can also be selected using the Select Material Tool found in the Material Tools slot on the 3D panel . From the Reflection texture popup menu, choose Load In A New Texture as shown in Figure 10.38 .

Posted Image
Fig 10.39

Next, navigate to your downloads folder and select “ground reflection. jpg.” We are using a B&W image to define the reflective characteristics of the model. The brighter the tones the more reflective the object will be and the darker the tones the less reflective it will be (Figure 10.39).

Adjust the Reflection intensity to 80% so that you can get a feel to what this texture is doing to the surface of the street (Figure 10.40).

Next, adjust the Reflection intensity to 30%. This is more of what we are looking for (Figure 10.41).

Posted Image
Fig 10.40

Posted Image
Fig 10.41

This is a fantastic article, exposing various techniques all of which I found very useful, as well as the integration and manipulation of 3D models, Bravo!
great job! I really liked it

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