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Technical Archives

Designing a Mobile Game Technology Stack
By Ruud van Falier
Published 07 July 2016
Three Dimensional Shading
By Lithium
Published 11 January 2001
Excerpt: Game Development Essentials 3rd Ed.
By Jeannie Novak
Published 21 August 2011
Unreal Development Kit Upgrade Overview
By Epic Games
Published 23 August 2011
General Collision Detection for Games Using Ellipsoids
By Paul Nettle
Published 25 May 2000
The C++ Pimpl
By Sobeit Void
Published 01 April 2002
Cache In A Multi-Core Environment
By Joshua Waring
Published 18 June 2015
Source SDK: Making a single player mod
By design3
Published 19 September 2011
Dynamic Resolution Rendering
By Doug Binks
Published 25 September 2011
Path Finding for innovative games: Navigation
By Giovanni Guarino
Published 04 July 2014
Organizing Code Files in C and C++
By Ben Sizer
Published 06 April 2002
Polygon Triangulation
By Daniel Taylor
Published 06 June 2014
Game Programming 101 Part I
By Bruno Sousa
Published 03 June 2000
Coverage Buffer as main Occlusion Culling technique
By Damon Wall
Published 26 June 2015
Coordinates in Hexagon-Based Tile Maps
By Thomas Jahn
Published 13 April 2002
A Blending Animation Controller for a Skinned Mesh
By Bruce J. Veazie
Published 24 March 2014
A Hobbyist Game Engine Post Mortem
By Paul Coppens
Published 08 October 2008
DIY 2D Vector Physics UNDER REVIEW
By Tom Novelli
Published 01 December 2015
Procedural Generation: Pros and Cons
By Francisco RA
Published 08 June 2016
Swept AABB Collision Detection and Response
By BrendanL.K
Published 30 April 2013
Checking the Open-Source Multi Theft Auto Game
By Andrey Karpov
Published 30 August 2013
Entities-Parts I: Game Objects
By David Chen
Published 19 March 2014
Path Finding for innovative games: Graph Creation and Best Path Selection
By Giovanni Guarino
Published 06 April 2014
Pre-Structure Phrases for Internationalization UNDER REVIEW
By Loki Ng
Published 06 October 2014
Integrating Socket.io with Unity 5 WebGL UNDER REVIEW
By Damian Oslebo
Published 21 May 2016
Stringizing C++ Enums
By Francis Xavier
Published 25 October 2008
Useless Snippet #2: AABB/Frustum test
By Jim Drygiannakis
Published 04 September 2013
Perspective projections in LH and RH systems
By Martin Prantl
Published 24 March 2014
How the PVS-Studio Team Improved Unreal Engine's Code
By PVS-Studio team
Published 30 June 2015
Introduction to Shader Programming Part II: Programming Vertex Shaders
By Wolfgang F. Engel
Published 24 April 2002
Designing a Screen Shot System
By James Dougherty (UltimaX)
Published 12 March 2004
An Introduction to Version Control
By Chris Nagele
Published 01 November 2011
A Practical Guide to Building a Complete Game AI: Volume I
By Geoff Howland
Published 12 October 1999
Collision detection and bug detection
By Ronen Krendel
Published 02 November 2011
Introduction to the Graphics Pipeline
By Steven De Bock
Published 30 August 2013
Capsule Inertia Tensor
By Bojan Lovrovic
Published 11 January 2015
A Practical Guide to Building a Complete Game AI: Volume II
By Geoff Howland
Published 12 October 1999
Excerpt: Game Development Essentials - Mobile Game Development
By Kimberly Unger and Jeannie Novak
Published 22 November 2011
An Introduction to Hash Tables with Chaining
By GaulerTheGoat
Published 16 March 2004
The Programming Primer
By Dan Mayor
Published 06 August 2013
Math for Game Developers: Probability and Randomness
By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez
Published 10 July 2015
Getting started with Team Foundation Service: Part 1
By Oli Wilkinson
Published 30 April 2013
Getting started with Team Foundation Service: Part 2
By Oli Wilkinson
Published 15 July 2013
Standard Gameplay and IAP Metrics for Mobile Games
By Andy Savage
Published 14 January 2015
A Closer Look At Parallax Occlusion Mapping
By Jason Zink
Published 28 June 2006
Procedural Generation of Puzzle Game Levels
By Tomas Rychnovsky
Published 14 October 2014
By Jonathan Ferraris
Published 09 February 2001
A simple method to speed up path finding
By Niu Jian
Published 03 January 2012
Math for Game Developers: Advanced Vectors
By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez
Published 07 August 2013
How to Get Started with HTML5
By Maksim Mikityanskiy
Published 05 September 2013