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Graphics Programming and Theory Archives

Graphics Programming Black Book
By Michael Abrash
Published 16 February 2002
A Simple and Practical Approach to SSAO
By José María Méndez
Published 25 May 2010
Bresenham's Line and Circle Algorithms
By Mark Feldman
Published 07 October 1999
Dynamic 2D Soft Shadows
By Orangy Tang
Published 04 January 2004
Soft-Edged Shadows
By Anirudh.S Shastry
Published 18 January 2005
Shader Programming Part I: Fundamentals of Vertex Shaders
By Wolfgang Engel
Published 09 April 2002
The Water Effect Explained
By Roy Willemse
Published 15 February 2000
Rendering Water as a Post-process Effect
By Wojciech Toman
Published 04 June 2009
The Theory of Stencil Shadow Volumes
By Yen Kwoon, Hun
Published 02 December 2002
Comparing Shadow Mapping Techniques with Shadow Explorer
By Alexey Rukhlinskiy and Quentin Froemke
Published 21 March 2011
Realistic Natural Effect Rendering: Water I
By Yann Lombard
Published 07 September 2004
Deferred Rendering Demystified
By Noam Gat
Published 01 March 2010
By Sami Hamlaoui
Published 12 July 2001
A Closer Look At Parallax Occlusion Mapping
By Jason Zink
Published 09 August 2013
How to Work with FBX SDK
By Tianyu Lang
Published 03 March 2014
Exploring Metaballs and Isosurfaces in 2D
By Stephen Whitmore
Published 03 September 2008
The Total Beginner's Guide to 3D Graphics Theory
By Tim Bright
Published 22 November 2013
Dynamic Resolution Rendering
By Doug Binks
Published 25 September 2011
Geometry Culling in 3D Engines
By Pietari Laurila
Published 09 October 2000
An Introduction To Digital Image Processing
By Frédéric Patin
Published 19 October 2003
By Jonathan Ferraris
Published 09 February 2001
Advanced Terrain Texture Splatting
By Andrey Mishkinis
Published 17 July 2013
By Bretton Wade
Published 22 August 1999
MMX Enhanced Alpha Blending
By John Hebert
Published 21 October 1999
A Closer Look At Parallax Occlusion Mapping
By Jason Zink
Published 28 June 2006
Walls and Shadows in 2D
By Scott Mayo
Published 09 November 2009
Overview of Modern Volume Rendering Techniques for Games - Part 2
By Stoyan Nikolov
Published 21 August 2014
Terrain Geomorphing in the Vertex Shader
By Daniel Wagner
Published 07 May 2003
Skeletal Animation Optimization Tips and Tricks UNDER REVIEW
By Peyman Massoudi
Published 20 February 2015
Fast Computation of Terrain Shadow Maps
By Mircea Marghidanu
Published 07 May 2002
Skinned Mesh Animation Using Matrices
By Bruce J. Veazie
Published 26 February 2014
Bezier Curves and Surfaces
By Jesper Tveit
Published 27 April 2002
Polygon Triangulation
By Daniel Taylor
Published 06 June 2014
Let There Be Shadow!
By Joey Fladderak
Published 21 October 2014
Direct3D vs. OpenGL: Which API to Use When, Where, and Why
By Promit Roy
Published 24 February 2002
MLAA: Efficiently Moving Antialiasing from the GPU to the CPU
By Alexandre De Pereyra
Published 25 July 2011
Overview of Modern Volume Rendering Techniques for Games - Part 1
By Stoyan Nikolov
Published 25 October 2013
Introduction to the Graphics Pipeline
By Steven De Bock
Published 30 August 2013
3D Backface Culling
By Jeff Weeks
Published 05 July 2000
Lens Flare Tutorial
By Alan Gordie
Published 19 October 1999
Accelerating iray with the NVIDIA Quadro 5000
By Kelly L. Murdock
Published 14 August 2011
Designing Parametric Animation Systems
By Peyman Massoudi
Published 30 July 2014
High Dynamic Range Rendering
By Anirudh S Shastry
Published 19 June 2004
A Super Simple Method for Creating Infinite Scenery
By Gabriel T. Delarosa
Published 15 September 2010
An Example of Shadow Rendering in Direct3D 9
By Jack Hoxley
Published 04 December 2003
Real-Time Dynamic Fur on the GPU
By Dzmitry Malyshau
Published 14 October 2010
Real-Time Atmospheric Scattering
By Sean O'Neil
Published 03 May 2004
Flexible particle system - The Container
By Bartlomiej Filipek
Published 23 June 2014
A Blending Animation Controller for a Skinned Mesh
By Bruce J. Veazie
Published 24 March 2014
Advanced raycasting techniques
By Andreas Christian Seidel
Published 02 December 1999