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Automata, Virtual Machines and Compilers UNDER REVIEW
By Vilem Otte
Published Yesterday, 12:14 PM
Crowdin: Localizing Without Pain
By Kirill Kliushkin
Published 17 April 2015
Tips for Designing and Developing Free-to-Play Games
By Jose Maria Martinez, 'Hafo'
Published 15 April 2015
Automated Deployment of Your Game
By Craig Edwards
Published 13 April 2015
Arcade Machines and Gaming Library Pigaco - Devlog #0: Introduction & Architecture UNDER REVIEW
By Max Heisinger
Published 08 April 2015
Cache And How To Work For It UNDER REVIEW
By Joshua Waring
Published 06 April 2015
Standard Gameplay and IAP Metrics for Mobile Games (Part 3)
By Andy Savage
Published 02 April 2015
Creating a Movement Component for an RTS in UE4 UNDER REVIEW
By Dmitry Terekhov
Published 02 April 2015
How to Pitch Angry Birds, If It Were an Unknown Indie Game
By Drew Giovannoli
Published 20 March 2015
How to check that a player's PC meets your requirements
By Craig Edwards
Published 20 March 2015
Substance Painter Review UNDER REVIEW
By Kelly L. Murdock
Published 16 March 2015
My GDC virginity: Of indie loserdom, hope and friendship.
By Peter Cardwell-Gardner
Published 12 March 2015
Retro Mortis: RTS (Part 3) - Forged in Steel...
By Michel Mony
Published 04 March 2015
Postmortem: "Pavel Piezo - Trip to the Kite Festival", a game for learning languages
By Carsten Germer
Published 24 February 2015
Skeletal Animation Optimization Tips and Tricks UNDER REVIEW
By Peyman Massoudi
Published 20 February 2015
Why a Game Development Degree? UNDER REVIEW
By Reza Nezami
Published 18 February 2015
Debugging - "Follow The Data"
By Bruce J. Veazie
Published 18 February 2015
Composing an Indie RPG Title Track
By Thomas Henshell & James Marantette
Published 17 February 2015
Persistent Mapped Buffers in OpenGL
By Bartlomiej Filipek
Published 13 February 2015
Visual Tools For Debugging Games
By James Wucher
Published 10 February 2015
Humble Bundle Distribution
By Kevin Harwood
Published 09 February 2015
Are You Letting Others In?
By Nathan Madsen
Published 07 February 2015
Banshee Engine Architecture - RTTI & Serialization UNDER REVIEW
By Marko Pintera
Published 06 February 2015
Standard Gameplay and IAP Metrics for Mobile Games (Part 2)
By Andy Savage
Published 05 February 2015
10 Tips From Global Game Jam 2015 UNDER REVIEW
By Tobiasz Siemiński
Published 04 February 2015