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Business Archives

Industry Producer Interview project: Job Analysis of a Games Producer (Part 1) UNDER REVIEW
By Eric Chou
Published 20 April 2016
2008 Austin GDC Coverage Part 1
By Drew Sikora, John Hattan
Published 22 September 2008
Postmortem: "Pavel Piezo - Trip to the Kite Festival", a game for learning languages
By Carsten Germer
Published 24 February 2015
2008 Austin GDC Coverage Part 2
By Drew Sikora, John Hattan
Published 26 September 2008
NY Games Conference 2008
By Drew Sikora
Published 02 October 2008
Development of the Game: From an Idea on a Napkin to a Campaign on Kickstarter
By Andrey Vlasenko
Published 07 March 2014
New York Games Conference 2011
By Bill Crosbie
Published 25 October 2011
When Your Best Isn't Good Enough: A Tale of Failure (Part I)
By Peter Cardwell-Gardner
Published 02 July 2015
How to Get More Sales for Less Work
By Steve Pavlina
Published 22 January 2001
When Your Best Isn't Good Enough: A Tale of Failure (Part II)
By Peter Cardwell-Gardner
Published 06 July 2015
GDC Online 2011
By Drew Sikora
Published 27 October 2011
Adventures in PR…
By Jody Gallagher
Published 17 March 2014
Never Team Up with the Idea Guy
By Albert Tedja
Published 15 July 2013
A Look at Game Connection
By Drew Sikora
Published 03 November 2008
Unite 2011
By Dan Miller-Schroeder
Published 05 December 2011
Blind Man
By Dean Margerison
Published 20 March 2004
Post Mortem: Da Boom!
By Sean "rioki" Farrell
Published 22 March 2014
Algo-Bot: lessons learned from our kickstarter failure
By Sophie Schiaratura
Published 18 March 2014
FlashForward 2006
By John Hattan
Published 09 October 2006
Basic Negotiating for Fun and Profit
By Steve Pavlina
Published 22 February 2001
By Drew Sikora
Published 22 January 2007
Pecha Kucha Night
By Drew Sikora
Published 17 December 2008
3 Steps to Mastering Your Game’s Soft Launch
By Keith Andrew
Published 29 July 2015
300 Employees On Multiple Continents: How We Work Without An Office
By Kirill Kliushkin
Published 23 October 2014
3 Steps to Mastering Your Game's Soft Launch UNDER REVIEW
By GameAnalytics
Published 25 November 2016
Indie tutorial: Starting a project and forming a team
Published 18 August 2013
Notes on GameDev: Blaine Christine
By Elizabeth LaPensée
Published 19 August 2013
Tracking Player Metrics and Views in Flash Games with Google Analytics
By Wolfgang Graebner
Published 02 April 2014
How to Make Gameplay Trailers Like the Triple A
By Kevin Harwood
Published 04 November 2014
The Incredible Lightness of Being An Ark Developer
By Yasin Ghannam
Published 05 April 2016
The 7 Deadly Sins of Startup Companies
By Roman Lembersky
Published 28 January 2009
Linguistic Testing: Devil in the Details
By Kirill Kliushkin
Published 04 December 2014
4gency’s First Year Pt. 1: A Look at Armored Drive
By Charles N. Cox
Published 09 May 2013
IGF 09 Interviews: Part 1
By Drew Sikora
Published 25 February 2009
All the Boring Bits of Paperwork you have to do as an Indie Developer
By Size Five
Published 15 April 2014
Five and a Half Steps to Efficient Meetings
By Dominik Berner
Published 16 August 2016
Making it in Indie Games: Starter Guide
By Derek Yu
Published 17 May 2013
Effective Bug Tracking Process
By Yaron Sinai
Published 15 November 2001
Indie tutorial: Organizing your work as a team
Published 22 May 2013
Techniques for Finding Unlisted Game Internships
By Brice Morrison
Published 16 August 2014
IGF 09 Interviews: Part 2
By Drew Sikora
Published 11 March 2009
IGF 09 Interviews: Part 3
By Drew Sikora
Published 10 April 2009
Setting Realistic Deadlines, Family, and Soup
By Thomas Henshell
Published 13 November 2014
Interview with Jamie Woodhouse
By Graham Rhodes
Published 22 April 2009
Peter Molyneux: How to get a job in games development • Interview • Eurogamer.net
By Eurogamer.net
Published 24 February 2012
An Overview to Game Development
By Nathan Madsen
Published 15 June 2007
For a Career in Gaming, are Game Design Degrees Worth It?
By Brice Morrison
Published 03 February 2015
So you wanna be a software startup?
By Stanley Foo
Published 07 July 2000
Untangling Licensing and Copyright in Game Art
By Theodore Jefferson
Published 15 August 2013
How NOT to Market Your Indie Game
By Dushan Chaciej (aka. ANtY)
Published 27 October 2013