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Business Archives

Top 5 Most Expensive Game Localization Mistakes UNDER REVIEW
By Damien Yoccoz
Published 22 November 2016
GameDev Protips: 5 Basic Yet Highly Effective Marketing Strategies UNDER REVIEW
By Daniel Doan
Published 08 November 2016
Industry Producer Interview Project: Game Development Team Problems Analysis (Part 2) UNDER REVIEW
By Eric Chou
Published 18 July 2016
Industry Producer Interview project: Job Analysis of a Games Producer (Part 1) UNDER REVIEW
By Eric Chou
Published 20 April 2016
A List of HTML5 Game Publishers UNDER REVIEW
By Jose Maria Martinez, 'Hafo'
Published 21 December 2015
Marketing my latest mobile game - post mortem of the first month
By Marc Bourbonnais
Published 02 September 2015
Five and a Half Steps to Efficient Meetings
By Dominik Berner
Published 16 August 2016
The Incredible Lightness of Being An Ark Developer
By Yasin Ghannam
Published 05 April 2016
3 Steps to Mastering Your Game's Soft Launch UNDER REVIEW
By GameAnalytics
Published 25 November 2016
3 Steps to Mastering Your Game’s Soft Launch
By Keith Andrew
Published 29 July 2015
15 Metrics All Game Developers Should Know by Heart
By GameAnalytics
Published 15 July 2015
When Your Best Isn't Good Enough: A Tale of Failure (Part II)
By Peter Cardwell-Gardner
Published 06 July 2015
When Your Best Isn't Good Enough: A Tale of Failure (Part I)
By Peter Cardwell-Gardner
Published 02 July 2015
How to Expand Games (and more) Eluding App Store Updating
By David Xicota
Published 15 June 2015
Get Professional - A Professional Skillset for Software Engineers
By Dominik Berner
Published 10 August 2015
Giving Away $17,000 Worth of Toto Temple Deluxe at Pax East
By Yowan Langlais
Published 28 April 2015
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Authenticode Signing
By Craig Edwards
Published 09 May 2015
My GDC virginity: Of indie loserdom, hope and friendship.
By Peter Cardwell-Gardner
Published 12 March 2015
Advantages of HTML5 in Advergaming UNDER REVIEW
By Jose Maria Martinez, 'Hafo'
Published Yesterday, 07:30 PM
How to Pitch Angry Birds, If It Were an Unknown Indie Game
By Drew Giovannoli
Published 20 March 2015
GDC Social Tips
By Ming-Lun "Allen" Chou
Published 27 January 2015
Estimating Effort for Small Projects
By James Wucher
Published 29 January 2015
4 Simple Things I Learned About the Industry as a Beginner
By Laszlo Fuleki
Published 20 January 2015
The Top 10 Languages for Localizing Your Mobile Game
By Kirill Kliushkin
Published 07 May 2015
From Never Doing Game Code or Game Art... To A Full Game In Unreal Engine 4 UNDER REVIEW
By Markus Skupeika
Published 01 January 2015
12 Tricks to Selling Your Ideas, Your Game & Yourself
By Thomas Henshell
Published 09 December 2014
Humble Bundle Distribution
By Kevin Harwood
Published 09 February 2015
Setting Realistic Deadlines, Family, and Soup
By Thomas Henshell
Published 13 November 2014
Linguistic Testing: Devil in the Details
By Kirill Kliushkin
Published 04 December 2014
How to Make Gameplay Trailers Like the Triple A
By Kevin Harwood
Published 04 November 2014
300 Employees On Multiple Continents: How We Work Without An Office
By Kirill Kliushkin
Published 23 October 2014
Crowdfunding as Marketing
By Kevin Harwood
Published 27 August 2015
Naming An Indie Game
By Elyot Grant
Published 27 September 2014
5 Premium Currency Pricing Trends and Tricks used by Mobile Free-To-Play Games
By Wolfgang Graebner
Published 25 September 2014
Communication is a Game Development Skill
By Chris DeLeon
Published 11 September 2014
The Art of Feeding Time: Branding UNDER REVIEW
By Radek Koncewicz
Published 04 August 2014
WildStar CREDD System Explained
By Kevin Harwood
Published 28 July 2014
Mobile Game Crowdfunding Experience from Two Kickstarter Campaigns
By Andrey Vlasenko
Published 01 September 2014
Investing in Community Management UNDER REVIEW
By Kevin Harwood
Published 11 July 2014
The Latest Evolution in Microtransactions
By Kevin Harwood
Published 21 June 2014
Getting into Games through Education: Preparing for Interview UNDER REVIEW
By Liyaan Hasan (stitchs)
Published 16 June 2014
From Game Prototype to Release in 2 Months
By Dmytro Hreshko
Published 14 August 2014
Advertising Through YouTubers
By Kevin Harwood
Published 09 June 2014
Creating the Financial Model for your Company Part I
By Sagger Khraishi
Published 04 June 2014
How To Make Videos For Games
By Kirill Kliushkin
Published 06 June 2014
The Viral Formula
By Kevin Harwood
Published 31 May 2014
Tips For Exhibiting Your Games
By Dave Mitchell
Published 08 May 2014
Pitching Your Game to Asian Publishers UNDER REVIEW
By Michel Mony
Published 09 June 2014
All the Boring Bits of Paperwork you have to do as an Indie Developer
By Size Five
Published 15 April 2014
Tracking Player Metrics and Views in Flash Games with Google Analytics
By Wolfgang Graebner
Published 02 April 2014