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Breaking Into the Industry Archives

The Incredible Lightness of Being An Ark Developer
By Yasin Ghannam
Published 05 April 2016
Get Professional - A Professional Skillset for Software Engineers
By Dominik Berner
Published 10 August 2015
When Your Best Isn't Good Enough: A Tale of Failure (Part II)
By Peter Cardwell-Gardner
Published 06 July 2015
When Your Best Isn't Good Enough: A Tale of Failure (Part I)
By Peter Cardwell-Gardner
Published 02 July 2015
GDC Social Tips
By Ming-Lun "Allen" Chou
Published 27 January 2015
4 Simple Things I Learned About the Industry as a Beginner
By Laszlo Fuleki
Published 20 January 2015
From Never Doing Game Code or Game Art... To A Full Game In Unreal Engine 4 UNDER REVIEW
By Markus Skupeika
Published 01 January 2015
Getting into Games through Education: Preparing for Interview UNDER REVIEW
By Liyaan Hasan (stitchs)
Published 16 June 2014
Getting Started : Introduction to Game Development for Beginners UNDER REVIEW
By Casey Hardman
Published 27 March 2013
10 Tips for a Better Cover Letter
By Steve Pavlina
Published 03 July 2013
Advice For Aspiring Indie Game Developers
By Chris Park
Published 07 August 2013
Getting into Games through Education: "Where do I begin?"
By Liyaan Hasan (stitchs)
Published 05 April 2013
For a Career in Gaming, are Game Design Degrees Worth It?
By Brice Morrison
Published 03 February 2015
Techniques for Finding Unlisted Game Internships
By Brice Morrison
Published 16 August 2014
Getting into Games through Education: Choosing your University
By Liyaan Hasan (stitchs)
Published 06 August 2013
Making it in Indie Games: Starter Guide
By Derek Yu
Published 17 May 2013
Peter Molyneux: How to get a job in games development • Interview • Eurogamer.net
By Eurogamer.net
Published 24 February 2012
So You Want to be a Game Programmer?
By Ian Parberry
Published 14 October 1999
So, You Have Cool Game Ideas?
By Cliff Bleszinski and Kenn Hoekstra
Published 21 December 2000
The "Being a Game Programming Newbie" Handbook
By Trent Polack
Published 18 January 2002
Gaining Entry to Game Development
By Brock Ferguson
Published 18 January 2002
So you wanna work in a startup?
By Stanley Foo
Published 04 January 2001
How To Get A Job In The Gaming Biz
By Cliff Bleszinski
Published 21 December 2000
Game Development Schools Part 1
By Joseph Fernald
Published 30 November 1999
Getting Into Game Development
By John de Goes
Published 14 September 1999
What Companies Look For
By Susan Wooley and Matt Green
Published 07 September 1999
Advice for applying to game developers
By Robin Green
Published 02 August 1999
How to approach an interview
By Robert Holm
Published 30 July 1999
How To Start Your Own Games Studio, Pt 4
By Mark Morris
Published 25 June 2008
Am I In the Wrong Degree Program?
By Tom Sloper
Published 11 March 2008
Contract Mumbo Jumbo
By Tom Buscaglia
Published 07 August 2007
An Overview to Game Development
By Nathan Madsen
Published 15 June 2007