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Game Design Archives

Prototyping with Graphs
By Patrick Polewiak
Published 11 September 2013
Non-Linear Story Lines
By BrendanL.K
Published 08 August 2013
Grand Theft Auto Design Document
By DMA Design Ltd
Published 17 January 2012
The Tao of Game Design
By Ernest W. Adams
Published 24 January 2012
The No Twinkie Database!
By Ernest W. Adams
Published 24 January 2012
Documentation for Indie Studios: Why do you need it?
By Ivan Spasov
Published 09 August 2013
Character Development in Video Games
By Winston Nguyen
Published 22 April 2014
Life of a Level Designer
By Szymon Barchan
Published 14 May 2013
Raw Meat: Game Design Tips from Team Meat's Edmund McMillen
By Pat Flannery
Published 31 January 2012
Setting an Appropriate Tone for Your Game
By Winston Nguyen
Published 27 April 2014
Crafting a Maze Game UNDER REVIEW
By Ivan Spasov
Published 28 May 2013
Pedersen's Principles on Game Design and Production
By Roger E Pedersen
Published 16 March 2001
Telling an Immersive and Full Story with Mobile App Games UNDER REVIEW
By Terry Wilson
Published 18 October 2013
Using Psychological Principles for Great User Interfaces
By Brice Morrison
Published 23 October 2013
Breaking Out of Breakout
By Thomas Duindam
Published 15 July 2013
Conjuring a Compelling World
By Mike Lewis
Published 13 June 2013
5 Core Elements of Interactive Storytelling
By Thomas Grip
Published 09 May 2014
Five Common Mistakes in Game Usability Testing And How To Avoid Them
By Marko Nemberg
Published 11 August 2013
From Donkey Kong to the Silver Screen: The Past, Present and Future of Game Cinematics UNDER REVIEW
By Martin McBain
Published 19 May 2014
The Dark Side of Iterative Design
By Slaton White
Published 11 August 2013
"Not So Random Randomness" in Game Design and Programming
By Carsten Germer
Published 18 November 2013
Using a "Leitner System" to Track a Player's Exposition to Content and Mechanics
By Carsten Germer
Published 15 November 2013
Redesigning an Old Game for Mobile Platforms
By José Lucio Gama (Aka "SLotman")
Published 05 August 2013
Games and the Imagination
By Richard Dare
Published 11 August 2013
Games Are a Whole New Form of Storytelling
By David Colson
Published 25 November 2013
Crafting a 2D RPG
By Ivan Spasov
Published 05 August 2013
Dynamic Narrative in The Hit UNDER REVIEW
By Dan Stubbs
Published 25 June 2014
4-Layers, A Narrative Design Approach
By Thomas Grip
Published 21 June 2014
Evolutionary Design: A practical process for creating great game designs
By Daniel Cook
Published 18 January 2002
Design of an Indie Action Game UNDER REVIEW
By Mike Shafer
Published 10 July 2014
Dominoze PC Post-mortem: Nine Years, One Programmer
By Christopher Haag
Published 18 April 2013
I Have a Game Idea!
By Casey Hardman
Published 04 April 2013
100-Percenting It: Video Game Play Through the Eyes of Devoted Gamers
By Preeti Khanolkar
Published 05 April 2013
Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics
By Casey Hardman
Published 23 March 2013
Some Game Playing Styles, and How Games Match One Style or Another
By Lewis Pulsipher
Published 25 January 2010
What does a Game Designer do? An Introduction to Role
By Bluefirehawk
Published 15 July 2013
Taptitude - Designing for In App Purchase
By FourBros Studio
Published 19 August 2013
Developing Your Game Concept By Making A Design Document
By Mare Kuntz aka sunandshadow
Published 04 April 2013
The Strategy Game Designer's Constitution
By leiavoia
Published 13 January 2011
Characters and Worldbuilding: Analyzing the Strength of Japanese Games
By Zack Wood
Published 07 August 2013
How To Build a Game In A Week From Scratch With No Budget
By Jay Barnson
Published 06 July 2005
Taking Slender apart, an Introduction to Horror Games
By Bluefirehawk
Published 19 April 2013
Elements Of Video Game Style
By Tony Belding
Published 02 August 2013
Using Low Level Stories
By Jonathon Schilpp
Published 15 October 2001
Removing The 'Tech' From 'Design Document'
By Michael Sikora
Published 26 July 2013
How Can We Solve the "Pacing Problem"?
By Tristan Pendergrass
Published 23 March 2011
Beginners Guide to User Testing With Children
By Marko Nemberg
Published 05 February 2014
Game Pitch - Bioshock
By Irrational Games
Published 18 July 2011
Building an In-Game Store for the First Time? Here are the 4 Keys to Success
By Yaniv Nizan
Published 19 August 2013
Crafting a Platformer Game
By Ivan Spasov
Published 19 August 2013