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Music and Sound Archives

9 Tips on Localizing Audio UNDER REVIEW
By Vladimir Kupratsevich
Published 01 June 2016
When do videos need voiceovers?
By Kirill Kliushkin
Published 30 April 2015
Composing an Indie RPG Title Track
By Thomas Henshell & James Marantette
Published 17 February 2015
So You Want to Hire a Composer
By Li Xiao'an
Published 11 March 2014
Engaging Independent Creative Professionals
By Andrew Sebastian Li Xiao'an
Published 09 August 2013
Composing Music For Video Games: Chords
By Joe Gilliver, Dan Harris
Published 11 April 2014
Composing Music For Video Games - Tempo
By Dan Harris & Joe Gilliver
Published 22 February 2014
Composing Music For Video Games - Key & Tempo
By Dan Harris & Joe Gilliver
Published 04 May 2014
How To Make My Sample Library Sound Good - Part 1 Staccato Strings
By Caleb Faith
Published 20 November 2013
Writing Game Music
By John Licato
Published 18 April 2013
Writing Game Music : Part II
By John Licato
Published 21 June 2000
Writing Game Music : Part I
By John Licato
Published 17 May 2000
Writing Game Music : Part IV
By John Licato
Published 02 January 2001
Writing Game Music : Part III
By John Licato
Published 14 August 2000
A Brief Guide to Orchestration
By Steve Kaetzel
Published 07 December 2009
Getting Started with Audacity
By Bethany Hiitola
Published 24 February 2012
Once you land the gig… | Madsen Studios LLC
By Nathan Madsen
Published 10 January 2012
A Beginners Guide to Csound
By Hans Mikelson
Published 19 January 2000
In the Mind of a Game Musician
By Marcus Knudsen
Published 18 January 2000
Using FMOD designer to create explosion sound events
By Stephan Schütze
Published 21 May 2010
Making Sound Effects
By Spencer Sternberg
Published 08 February 2010
Writing Music for the iPhone
By Spencer Sternberg
Published 23 December 2009
Improving Communication with Your Sound Designer Part 1
By Kane Minkus
Published 17 March 2008
Improving Communication With Your Sound Designer Part 2
By Kane Minkus
Published 25 March 2008
Bigger Than Big: The Game Audio Explosion
By Steve Kutay
Published 01 May 2006