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3D in Photoshop: The Ultimate Guide for Creative Professionals

By Zorana Gee, Pete Falco | Published Jan 31 2011 11:00 PM in Visual Arts

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[heading]10.3. Texturing the Walls of the Buildings[/heading]

In this exercise we will add a little more character to the building.

Step 1: Select the City Block layer and access the sixth texture from the bottom that has the title of “texture 21” in it. You will see what is displayed in Figure 10.29 .

Fig 10.29

Note: You can also use the Material Select Tool

and click on the canvas where this texture is. You will see the bounding box drawn around this material if you have the overlay turned on and the material should now be selected in your 3D Scene panel.

Step 2: Open the “wall texture 001.jpg” and place it above the background layer of the building. Use a layer mask to show through the windows from the base layer. To enhance the shadow details on the window sills use another layer with a Multiply blend mode and paint with black into the shaded areas (Figure 10.30). Select File > Save to see the 3D model update.

Fig 10.30

Fig 10.31 Add “wall texture 004. jpg” to enhance image.

Step 4: Let's add two more texture details to bring the wall to life. First, we will add some grunge detail to the wall. Open “wall texture 005.jpg” and set its blend mode to Darken. This dirties up the wall a bit giving a sense of age and neglect (Figure 10.32). Next, open and add the “wall texture 004.jpg” again as another layer and increase its contract using Curves. Change the blend mode to Overlay (Figure 10.33). Save the texture and let's go make changes to the lighting.

Fig 10.32

Fig 10.33

This is a fantastic article, exposing various techniques all of which I found very useful, as well as the integration and manipulation of 3D models, Bravo!
great job! I really liked it

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