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GameDev.net Soapbox Archives

You Aren’t a Rock Star, You’re a Garage Band
By Robert Matues Ciszek
Published 19 September 2015
Are You Letting Others In?
By Nathan Madsen
Published 07 February 2015
Why Games Don't Have to be Good Anymore
By Kevin Harwood
Published 16 June 2015
What You Are Worth to a Development Team
By Dan Mayor
Published 24 April 2013
Why Leadwerks? (An Opinionated Reflection on Two Game Engines)
By Tim Shea
Published 18 February 2014
Indie Device Anxiety Syndrome (IDAS)
By Micah Koleoso
Published 30 January 2014
Why a Degree in Game Design Is a Bad Idea
By Dennis Redley
Published 08 January 2014
The Most Effective Playtester: The Griefer!
By Joshua Pickard
Published 03 September 2013
“I Don’t Know How” Is Not a Valid Excuse
By Steve Pavlina
Published 15 July 2013
Why You Shouldn't Be Making an MMO
By Mike Lewis
Published 05 June 2013
Games as Art and Why You Shouldn't Care
By Thomas Buscaglia
Published 19 August 2013
Why I'll Never Work on First-Person Shooters Again
By Charles N. Cox
Published 18 April 2013