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Technical Archives

Designing a Mobile Game Technology Stack
By Ruud van Falier
Published 07 July 2016
Java Game Programming Part I: The Basics
By Adam King
Published 21 December 2000
An Introduction to Version Control
By Chris Nagele
Published 01 November 2011
OpenGL Texture Mapping: An Introduction
By Nate Miller
Published 29 February 2000
Graphics Programming Black Book
By Michael Abrash
Published 16 February 2002
Organizing Code Files in C and C++
By Ben Sizer
Published 06 April 2002
A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C
By Ted Jensen
Published 16 February 2002
How to Work with FBX SDK
By Tianyu Lang
Published 03 March 2014
The Guide to Implementing 2D Platformers
By Rodrigo Monteiro
Published 04 April 2013
A Simple and Practical Approach to SSAO
By José María Méndez
Published 25 May 2010
Java Game Programming Part II: Making a Simple Game
By Adam King
Published 10 May 2001
Isometric 'n' Hexagonal Maps Part I
Published 16 September 1999
Bitwise Operations in C
By Joseph Farrell
Published 30 October 2001
Understanding Component-Entity-Systems
By Boreal Games
Published 02 April 2013
A Journey Through the CPU Pipeline
By Bryan Wagstaff (frob)
Published 16 May 2013
Introduction to Game Development Using Unity 3D
By Ryan Henson Creighton
Published 21 February 2012
Collision Detection
By John Amato
Published 15 September 1999
Coordinates in Hexagon-Based Tile Maps
By Thomas Jahn
Published 13 April 2002
Simple File I/O Using C++
By John Peregrine
Published 17 July 2000
Rendering efficient 2D sprites in OpenGL using Texture Rectangles
By Brandon Fleming
Published 02 November 2007
Why NASA Switched from Unity to Blend4Web UNDER REVIEW
By Pierre Bezuhoff
Published 14 August 2015
How we Built an iOS game on PC
By Thomas Henshell
Published 08 April 2013
A* Pathfinding for Beginners
By Patrick Lester
Published 08 October 2003
Enginuity, Part I
By Richard Fine
Published 28 May 2003
Introduction to Octrees
By Eric Nevala
Published 20 January 2014
Chess Programming Part I: Getting Started
By François Dominic Laramée
Published 17 May 2000
How do I make games? A Path to Game Development
By Geoff Howland
Published 05 January 2000
Dynamic 2D Soft Shadows
By Orangy Tang
Published 04 January 2004
Bresenham's Line and Circle Algorithms
By Mark Feldman
Published 07 October 1999
Using Lua with C#
By Martin Echenique
Published 07 November 2005
OpenGL Frame Buffer Object 101
By Rob
Published 22 November 2006
Tile/Map-Based Game Techniques: Handling Terrain Transitions
By David Michael
Published 23 February 2000
Swept AABB Collision Detection and Response
By BrendanL.K
Published 30 April 2013
Developing a Mobile Application with Flash
By John Hattan
Published 03 May 2011
A Quick Guide to FMOD
By Joachim Rohde
Published 21 May 2004
Making a Game Engine: Core Design Principles
By James Lambert
Published 29 January 2014
3D Matrix Math Demystified
By Seumas McNally
Published 08 September 1999
Implementing Component-Entity-Systems
By Boreal Games
Published 02 October 2013
Soft-Edged Shadows
By Anirudh.S Shastry
Published 18 January 2005
Trees Part 2: Binary Trees
By Ron Penton
Published 28 June 2001
C++: Custom memory allocation
By Tiago Costa
Published 15 April 2013
Your First Step to Game Development Starts Here
By Alpha_ProgDes
Published 19 March 2013
2D Rotated Rectangle Collision
By Eric Meythaler
Published 03 February 2009
The Core Mechanics of Influence Mapping
By Alex J. Champandard
Published 07 June 2011
Pathfinding and Local Avoidance for RPG/RTS Games using Unity
By Nikolay Dyankov
Published 19 June 2014
The Lua Tutorial
By Geoff Dunbar
Published 10 September 2013
The Water Effect Explained
By Roy Willemse
Published 15 February 2000
Creating a Very Simple GUI System for Small Games - Part I
By Martin Prantl
Published 06 May 2014
How to Load a Bitmap
By Mark Bernard
Published 23 July 2003
Rendering Water as a Post-process Effect
By Wojciech Toman
Published 04 June 2009