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DirectX and XNA Archives

XNA 4.0 Beginner Tutorials - Breakout
By Jamie McMahon
Published 11 January 2012
Designing a Flexible Vertex Element System for XNA Using Attributes
By Michael Popoloski
Published 02 December 2008
Animating Characters with DirectX
By Douglas MacLeod
Published 22 April 2014
DirectX Graphics Diagnostic
By Pooya Eimandar
Published 11 October 2013
Building a Complete Board-based Puzzle Game with Microsoft XNA 4.0
By Kurt Jaegers
Published 01 February 2012
3D Animation Techniques with XNA Game Studio 4.0
By Sean James
Published 23 February 2012
Using Animated Pieces in a Board-based Game with XNA 4.0
By Kurt Jaegers
Published 24 February 2012
DirectX Graphics for Visual Basic Part 2
By Jack Hoxley
Published 06 April 2001
Converting Scan Codes to ASCII
By Photon
Published 12 November 1999
DirectDraw Programming Tutorial
By Lan Mader
Published 06 August 1999
Pixel perfect collision detection in DirectX
By Esteban
Published 24 July 2013
Direct3D Immediate Mode
By Bipin Patwardhan
Published 01 February 2000
DirectX 11 C++ Game Camera
By Pavel Zinov
Published 08 August 2013
2D in Direct3D using Textured Quads
By Eamonn Doherty
Published 31 July 2003
Hosting a C++ D3D engine in C# Winforms
By Ryan Villamil
Published 17 June 2008
D3D11 Tessellation In Depth
By Seth Hoffert
Published 13 August 2013
Playing AVI Files with DirectX
By Gert Wollny
Published 21 September 1999
An Overview of Direct3D
By Bipin Patwardhan
Published 22 November 2002
Visual Studio Graphics Content Pipeline for C# Projects
By Justin Stenning
Published 24 March 2014
Direct3D 7 Immediate Mode Framework Programming 3: Multitexturing
By Wolfgang Engel
Published 28 May 2000
Moving from Exclusive Mode to Windowed Mode in DirectX Part II
By null_pointer
Published 06 June 2000
The Future of PC Gaming – The Possibilities of Direct3D 10
By Oluseyi
Published 28 April 2006
DirectX 7 Enumeration
By Nathan Davies
Published 11 October 1999
Transparency in D3D Immediate Mode
By Nathan Davies
Published 13 October 1999
Getting DirectX 8.1 to Work with Dev-C++
By Sherman Chin
Published 16 March 2004
App Hub - content catalog
By roverstu
Published 29 December 2011
DigitalRune 3D .NET and XNA Game Engine
By roverstu
Published 29 December 2011
Direct3D Without All The Garbage
By Lee Mazurek
Published 08 June 2000
Loading JPEGs to DirectDraw Surfaces
By Johnny Wood
Published 13 February 2001
Resolution Independence in 2D Direct3D Games – An Alternative Approach
By Paul Cook
Published 20 November 2008
Bit Depth Independent Pixel Plotting in DirectDraw
By Ron Hiler
Published 25 July 1999
DirectX Graphics for Visual Basic Part 1
By Jack Hoxley
Published 17 February 2001
16-Bit Pixels
By Sam Christiansen
Published 25 July 1999
DirectInput Initialization
By Anthony Wlodarski
Published 21 February 2001
Borland C++ 5.0 Setup For DirectX 5.0
By Bruce Veazie
Published 25 July 1999
Getting Started with XNA Game Studio Development
By Microsoft
Published 11 January 2012
Loading Bitmap Files into DirectDraw
By Kieren Johnstone
Published 22 June 2000
Implementing Skin Meshes with DirectX 8
By Sarmad Kh Abdulla
Published 06 June 2002
Generating a Screenshot in DirectX 8.1
By Keith Newton
Published 02 July 2002
Setting up DirectDraw 7
By Matthew Allen
Published 05 July 2000
Loading and blitting bitmaps
By Matthew Allen
Published 05 July 2000
The Basics to Using DirectShow
By Kurifu Roushu
Published 13 March 2001
Flexible User Input Programming – An Idea
By Yordan Gyurchev
Published 14 March 2001
DirectXGraphics for Visual Basic Part 3
By Jack Hoxley
Published 31 December 2001
DirectX 8 and the Keyboard
By Mason Smith
Published 02 January 2002
Dissecting Sprites in Direct3D
By R. Parker
Published 05 January 2002
Plotting Pixels in Non-Palettized DirectDraw Surfaces
By Nathan Davies
Published 30 July 1999
Direct X-tasy
By André LaMothe
Published 30 July 1999
Xtreme Debugging
By André LaMothe
Published 30 July 1999
Occlusion Culling Using DirectX 9
By Dustin Franklin
Published 06 August 2004