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Game Programming Archives

A Rudimentary 3D Game Engine, Built with C++, OpenGL and GLSL
By dimi309
Published 20 September 2015
Building an Open-Source, Cross-Platform 3D Game with C++, OpenGL and GLSL, from the Ground Up
By dimi309
Published 30 September 2014
Discussing Errors in Unity3D's Open-Source Components UNDER REVIEW
By Ivan Kishchenko
Published 20 October 2016
Unreal Engine 4 C++ Quest Framework
By Martin Hollstein
Published 25 March 2016
Pupping - a method for serializing data
By Daniel Randle
Published 30 August 2016
Long-Awaited Check of CryEngine V
By Svyatoslav Razmyslov
Published 11 August 2016
Creating your first game with Game Maker: Studio
By Gurpreet Singh MAtharoo
Published 07 January 2016
Load Testing with Locust.io UNDER REVIEW
By Ben Vinson
Published 21 June 2016
BVH File Loading and Displaying
By Edin Mujagic
Published 09 August 2013
Serious Sam shooter anniversary - finding bugs in the code of the Serious Engine v.1.10
By Svyatoslav Razmyslov
Published 06 June 2016
Building tools for Unity to improve your workflow
By Guillermo Andrades
Published 27 May 2016
A Brain Dump of What I Worked on for Uncharted 4
By Ming-Lun "Allen" Chou
Published 12 May 2016
Brain Dead Simple Game States
By Boreal
Published 06 January 2016
How to Create a Scoreboard for Lives, Time, and Points in HTML5 with WiMi5
By Jose Maria Martinez
Published 08 December 2014
Decoding Audio for XAudio2 with Microsoft Media Foundation UNDER REVIEW
By Michael Fyffe (tragiccode)
Published 15 January 2016
Not All is Fine in the Morrowind Universe
By Andrey Karpov
Published 29 December 2015
Code for Game Developers: Optimization UNDER REVIEW
By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez
Published 05 November 2015
How To Reverse Time - Introduction to Git, Cloud Computing, and Version Control
By Arian Allenson M. Valdez
Published 20 November 2013
How to Design the Data Structure for a Turn Based Game
By David Xicota
Published 26 August 2015
From User Input to Animations Using State Machines
By Albert Hofkamp
Published 26 August 2015
A Resource Manager for Game Assets UNDER REVIEW
By Davide Cleopesce
Published 30 September 2014
Improve Player Retention Reacting to Behavior [Server Scripts]
By David Xicota
Published 14 May 2015
Creating a Movement Component for an RTS in UE4 UNDER REVIEW
By Dmitry Terekhov
Published 02 April 2015
How to check that a player's PC meets your requirements
By Craig Edwards
Published 20 March 2015
Smooth interpolation of irregularly spaced keyframes
By Jon Langridge
Published 01 October 2001
Visual Tools For Debugging Games
By James Wucher
Published 10 February 2015
10 Tips From Global Game Jam 2015 UNDER REVIEW
By Tobiasz Siemiński
Published 04 February 2015
Scripting Custom Windows in Unity3D
By Casey Hardman
Published 20 August 2013
Practical Collision Detection
By Jonathan Blow
Published 15 September 1999
A Room With A View
By James Wucher
Published 21 January 2015
Throwing a Winning Pass UNDER REVIEW
By James Wucher
Published 07 November 2014
T4 Code Generation in Unity
By Lior Tal
Published 28 March 2014
Ultimate Input Manager for Unity UNDER REVIEW
By Alex Winx
Published 30 October 2014
Pre-Structure Phrases for Internationalization UNDER REVIEW
By Loki Ng
Published 06 October 2014
Procedural Generation of Puzzle Game Levels
By Tomas Rychnovsky
Published 14 October 2014
How Alias Templates Saved my Sanity
By Matt Booth
Published 01 September 2014
Making a Game with Blend4Web Part 5: Dangerous World UNDER REVIEW
By Evgeny Rodygin
Published 16 September 2014
Procedural Level Generation for a 2D Platformer
By Fabien Benoit-Koch
Published 01 September 2014
Basic OpenAL sound manager for your project
By Martin Prantl
Published 26 August 2014
A Hobbyist Game Engine Post Mortem
By Paul Coppens
Published 08 October 2008
Anatomy of an Idle Game - A Starters Guide to AngularJS UNDER REVIEW
By Alexander Ballard
Published 06 August 2014
Abusing the Linker to Minimize Compilation Time
By Tom Roe
Published 15 July 2014
Polymorphism in Angelscript
By Xavier Shay
Published 05 November 2004
Programming By Example - Adding AngelScript to a Game Part 3
By Dominque A Douglas
Published 26 January 2014
Programming By Example - Adding AngelScript to a Game Part 1
By Dominque A Douglas
Published 02 January 2014
Programming By Example - Adding AngelScript to a Game Part 2
By Dominque A Douglas
Published 30 January 2014
Pathfinding and Local Avoidance for RPG/RTS Games using Unity
By Nikolay Dyankov
Published 19 June 2014
Entities-Parts I: Game Objects
By David Chen
Published 19 March 2014
Entities-Parts III: Serialization
By David Chen
Published 03 June 2014
Creating a Very Simple GUI System for Small Games - Part II
By Martin Prantl
Published 13 May 2014