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DIY 2D Vector Physics

Published in Math and Physics

By Tom Novelli - Some algorithms to get you started should you opt to ditch the libraries & do it yourself.

Combining Material Friction and Restitution Values

Published in Math and Physics

By Peter Stock - Calculating the coefficients needed to use the Coulomb friction model in physics simulations

Leading the Target

Published in Math and Physics

By Álvaro Begué - How do you compute where you have to aim to hit a moving target with a finite-speed projectile? This is a common question on gamedev.net's foru...

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Practical Guide to Bezier Surfaces

Jul 11 2013 09:40 AM | Posted By Tim Bright in Math and Physics
Now that you're an expert on Bezier curves, let's throw in another dimension. As promised, here's the article on Bezier surfaces.

Tagged With:  math  geometry  bezier curves  bezier surfaces 

Math for Game Developers: Intro to Vectors

Apr 26 2013 11:26 PM | Posted By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez in Math and Physics
A series of videos that visually explains and demonstrates various math concepts applied to game development

Tagged With:  video  math  vectors  cross product  dot product 

Vectors and Matrices: A Primer

Apr 26 2013 07:55 AM | Posted By Phil Dadd in Math and Physics
An introduction to using these mathematical equations in game development

Tagged With:  vectors  matrices  math 

Intersection Math & Algorithms - Learn to Derive

Apr 17 2013 09:24 AM | Posted By Vilem Otte in Math and Physics
In this stand-alone article I'm trying to explain how to derive several intersection algorithms that are very important for every game.It should teach you *how* to derive, of course math-thinking is (as always) very important!

Tagged With:  algorithms  point  ray  linear algebra  vector  plane  normal  aabb  bounding box  intersection  sphere 

Practical use of Vector Math in Games

Mar 18 2013 05:15 AM | Posted By Nercury in Math and Physics
At start, 3D geometry may seem daunting and invoke memories of trigonometry lessons. But it is not so bad if you know the right tools.

Tagged With:  math  simulation  vector  dot product  cross product  update loop  3d  geometry 

A Verlet based approach for 2D game physics

Nov 19 2009 04:49 PM | Posted By Benedikt Bitterli in Math and Physics
Illustrates the power of Verlet integration for physics simulations and covers basic 2D rigid body dynamics with collision

Tagged With:  collision  distance  edge  bodies  float  vertices  collisioninfo  line  axis 

Beat Detection Algorithms

Jun 07 2003 02:39 PM | Posted By Frédéric Patin in Math and Physics
Disclaimer This document is to be distributed for free and without any modification from its original state. The author declines all responsibility in the damage this document or any of the things you will do with it might do to anyone or to anything. This document and any of its contents is not copyrighted and is free of all rights, you may thus use it, modify it or destroy it without breakin...

Tagged With:  energy  algorithm  beat  sound  compute  frequency  beats  detection 

Three Dimensional Rotations

Jan 11 2001 12:01 PM | Posted By Lithium in Math and Physics
One of the most difficult programming difficulties you will face is that of representing a 3D world on that 2D screen in front of you. It requires some linear alegbra that may be difficult for some, so I will spend some bytes explaining the mathematics computations of using matricies in addition to the equations to get you going. This document is intended to be an aid to anyone programming in a...


Quaternion Powers

Jul 06 2000 10:37 AM | Posted By Sobeit Void in Math and Physics
Version 1.2, February, 2003 Updates1.2A minor correction with the formula of converting from Quat to Axis. The scale is missing a square root. Thanks to Shi for pointing that out.From version 1.0 - 1.1The norm of a quaternion should be the square root of the q.q. The mistake was brought to my attention by several kind readers and upon checking the definition of the Euclidean properties for comp...

Tagged With:  root  version  square  missing  thanks  shi  quaternion  norm  pointing 

Matrix Math

Dec 02 1999 10:03 AM | Posted By Jeff Weeks in Math and Physics
Matrix math is commonly used in 3D engines, unfortunately, I haven't found any tutorials on matrix math itself. I hope this one will help some people out. If you find this tutorial useful, please give me credit. That's all I ask.Since the most common use of matrix math is 3D math, I will focus on this almost exclusively. What this means is that I will be using 4x4 matrices, and I will be descri...

Tagged With:  matrix  mat  matrices  vert  math  operations  concatenate  4x4  multiply 

3D Matrix Math Demystified

Sep 08 1999 12:50 PM | Posted By Seumas McNally in Math and Physics
Note for math weenies: This is not meant to be a full tutorial on matrices, and is also not intended to cover the math behind them in the usual manner. It is my personal way of thinking about rotation matrices in 3D graphics, and it will hopefully provide at least some people with a new (and possibly more intuitive) way of visualizing matrices that they may not have considered before.For seriou...

Tagged With:  vector  matrices  frame  matrix  axis  reference  math  rotation  pointing