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Math and Physics Archives

Quaternion Powers
By Sobeit Void
Published 06 July 2000
3D Matrix Math Demystified
By Seumas McNally
Published 08 September 1999
Matrix Math
By Jeff Weeks
Published 02 December 1999
Do We Really Need Quaternions?
By Diana Gruber
Published 11 September 2000
A Verlet based approach for 2D game physics
By Benedikt Bitterli
Published 19 November 2009
A Simple Quaternion-based Camera
By Robert Crossland
Published 21 September 2003
Simple Bounding-Sphere Collision Detection
By Oleg Dopertchouk
Published 12 November 2000
Beat Detection Algorithms
By Frédéric Patin
Published 07 June 2003
Practical use of Vector Math in Games
By Nercury
Published 18 March 2013
Vectors and Matrices: A Primer
By Phil Dadd
Published 04 June 2002
Math for Game Developers: Quaternions
By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez
Published 21 August 2013
Math for Game Developers: Calculus
By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez
Published 10 October 2014
The Matrix and Quaternions FAQ
By Andreas
Published 11 February 2002
2D Car Physics
By Matt Kincaid
Published 14 December 2007
Math for Game Developers: Intro to Matrices
By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez
Published 05 August 2013
Problem Solving Using Vectors
By James Lambert
Published 23 December 2013
Practical Guide to Bezier Curves
By Tim Bright
Published 07 November 2013
Making a Game Engine: Transformations
By James Lambert
Published 15 February 2014
Math for Game Developers: Geometry Testing
By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez
Published 30 January 2014
Math for Game Developers: Advanced Matrices
By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez
Published 24 September 2013
3D Vectors
By Jeff Weeks
Published 05 July 2000
Shooting At Stuff
By James Wucher
Published 15 November 2014
Simple but Effective Collisions Part 1: Radial Collision Handling
By George Kristiansen
Published 15 August 2014
Math for Game Developers: Intro to Vectors
By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez
Published 26 April 2013
Math for Game Developers: Fragment Shaders
By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez
Published 26 March 2014
Math for Game Developers: Advanced Vectors
By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez
Published 07 August 2013
Fast 2D Line Intersection Algorithm
By Scott
Published 16 July 1999
Matrix Inversion using LU Decomposition
By Tim Bright
Published 25 April 2014
Advanced Intersection Test Methods
By Tim Bright
Published 21 January 2014
Gravity FAQ
By Edgar Roman
Published 08 September 1999
Unraveling Bézier Splines
By Justin Reynen
Published 05 January 2000
Intersection Math & Algorithms - Learn to Derive
By Vilem Otte
Published 17 April 2013
2. Motion Along a Straight Line
By Michael Tanczos
Published 06 August 1999
Overview of Marching Cubes Algorithm
By Matthew Ward
Published 16 July 1999
A Simple Time-Corrected Verlet Integration Method
By Jonathan "lonesock" Dummer
Published 06 February 2005
PID Control of Physics Bodies
By James Wucher
Published 26 January 2015
Math for Game Developers: Triangle Meshes
By Jorge "BSVino" Rodriguez
Published 07 February 2014
Vectors and Matrices: A Primer
By Phil Dadd
Published 26 April 2013
Randomness without Replacement
By David Kennerly
Published 16 February 2005
5. Force and Motion
By David Baird
Published 06 August 1999
Practical Guide to Bezier Surfaces
By Tim Bright
Published 11 July 2013
Towards a Simpler, Stiffer, and more Stable Spring
By Michael Schmidt Nissen (h4tt3n)
Published 19 December 2014
Polygon to triangles
By Unknown Author
Published 16 July 1999
Bezier Patches
By Michael Skinner
Published 06 November 2001
Three Dimensional Rotations
By Lithium
Published 11 January 2001
Opposing Face Geometry
By Eli Kara
Published 18 February 2004
Capsule Inertia Tensor
By Bojan Lovrovic
Published 11 January 2015
Real time deformation of solids, Part 1
By Pierre Rebours
Published 27 August 2001
Visualizing Vector Addition
By Seumas McNally
Published 17 July 2000
4. Motion in Two and Three Dimensions
By Randy Trulson
Published 06 August 1999