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OpenGL and Vulkan Archives

OpenGL Texture Mapping: An Introduction
By Nate Miller
Published 29 February 2000
Rendering efficient 2D sprites in OpenGL using Texture Rectangles
By Brandon Fleming
Published 02 November 2007
OpenGL Frame Buffer Object 101
By Rob
Published 22 November 2006
OpenGL Instancing Demystified
By Martin Thomas
Published 08 August 2013
OpenGL Frame Buffer Object 201
By Rob “phantom” Jones
Published 13 December 2006
Basics of GLUT
By Ben Woodhouse
Published 29 January 2002
The Basics of GLSL 4.0 Shaders
By David Wolff
Published 27 January 2012
OpenGL 3.3+ Tutorials
By Michal Bubnar
Published 27 July 2014
OpenGL Batch Rendering
By Marek Krzeminski
Published 23 November 2014
Tiling in OpenGL
By Martin Estevao
Published 12 December 2000
Lighting and Normals
By Ben Woodhouse
Published 29 January 2002
GLSL 4.0: Using Subroutines to Select Shader Functionality
By David Wolff
Published 02 February 2012
GLSL 4.0: Discarding Fragments to Create a Perforated Look
By David Wolff
Published 06 February 2012
Moving Beyond OpenGL 1.1 for Windows
By Dave Astle
Published 21 April 2003
Vulkan 101 Tutorial
By José Henriques
Published 12 June 2016
Example of Processing Mouse Events in OpenGL
By Unknown Author
Published 25 July 1999
Creating a GLSL Library
By Don Olmstead
Published 29 October 2007
Spinning Cube
By Ben Woodhouse
Published 29 January 2002
Persistent Mapped Buffers in OpenGL
By Bartlomiej Filipek
Published 13 February 2015
OpenGL Tutors
By Nate Robins
Published 04 November 1999
OpenGL 4.0: Using Uniform Blocks and Uniform Buffer Objects
By David Wolff
Published 27 January 2012
OpenGL Object Hierarchy
By Arturo Montieri
Published 28 December 2000
Concentration of all The Lessons in Common Library GLSummary in MFC UNDER REVIEW
By Petrov Vladimir
Published 02 October 2013
Excerpt from OpenGL® SuperBible: Comprehensive Tutorial and Reference, 4th Edition
By Wright, Lipchak and Haemel
Published 28 April 2008
Excerpt from OpenGL® Programming Guide 6th Ed.
By Shreiner, Woo, Neider, and Davis
Published 04 April 2008
A Singleton Texture Manager for OpenGL
By Chris Smith
Published 17 July 2001
Smooth Normal Generation with Preservation of Edges
By Nate Robins
Published 17 February 2002
Example of the Minimal Win32 & OpenGL program
By Unknown Author
Published 25 July 1999
OpenGL Type Traits
By Szymon Gatner
Published 29 September 2008
SuperQuadric Ellipsoids and Toroids, OpenGL Lighting, and Timing
By Jonathan Metzgar
Published 08 August 2000
Compiling OpenGL Code with MFC
By David Nishimoto
Published 16 April 2002
Object Abstraction in OpenGL
By James Sharpe
Published 29 May 2004
Taking advantage of the new Quake compatible OpenGL drivers for Voodoo1/2
By Ryan Haksi
Published 24 February 2000