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OpenGL 3.3+ Tutorials
By Michal Bubnar
Published Yesterday, 09:56 AM
The Art of Feeding Time: Animation UNDER REVIEW
By Matt Kidd
Published 24 July 2014
3ds Max 2015 Review
By Kelly L. Murdock
Published 23 July 2014
Mobile Game Crowdfunding Experience from Two Kickstarter Campaigns UNDER REVIEW
By Andrey Vlasenko
Published 21 July 2014
Making a Game with Blend4Web Engine. Part 1: The Character UNDER REVIEW
By Evgeny Rodygin
Published 18 July 2014
The Art of Feeding Time: Interface UNDER REVIEW
By Derek Koncewicz
Published 17 July 2014
Abusing the Linker to Minimize Compilation Time
By Tom Roe
Published 15 July 2014
Investing in Community Management UNDER REVIEW
By Kevin Harwood
Published 11 July 2014
Design of an Indie Action Game UNDER REVIEW
By Mike Shafer
Published 10 July 2014
The Art of Feeding Time: Backgrounds
By Radek Koncewicz
Published 10 July 2014
The Art of Feeding Time: Characters
By Radek Koncewicz
Published 05 July 2014
Path Finding for innovative games: Navigation
By Giovanni Guarino
Published 04 July 2014
Haskell Game Object Design - Or How Functions Can Get You Apples
By Marc Sunet
Published 02 July 2014
The 4Ps of Marketing
By Joseph Lieberman
Published 02 July 2014
RPG Character Design: Technical Blueprints 101
By Ivan Spasov
Published 02 July 2014
Modern Garbage Collectors under the Hood
By Bluefirehawk
Published 02 July 2014
Dynamic Narrative in The Hit UNDER REVIEW
By Dan Stubbs
Published 25 June 2014
Flexible particle system - The Container
By Bartlomiej Filipek
Published 23 June 2014
4-Layers, A Narrative Design Approach
By Thomas Grip
Published 21 June 2014
The Latest Evolution in Microtransactions
By Kevin Harwood
Published 21 June 2014
Introduction to Unity Test Tools
By Lior Tal
Published 20 June 2014
Pathfinding and Local Avoidance for RPG/RTS Games using Unity
By Nikolay Dyankov
Published 19 June 2014
Getting into Games through Education: Preparing for Interview UNDER REVIEW
By Liyaan Hasan (stitchs)
Published 16 June 2014
Ensuring Fluent Gameplay in MusiGuess - Forward-Caching JSON/JSONP with Nginx
By Carsten Germer
Published 13 June 2014
From Game Prototype to Release in 2 Months UNDER REVIEW
By Dmytro Hreshko
Published 10 June 2014