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Technical RSS Feed 1185 articles

Making a Game with Blend4Web Engine. Part 2: Models for the Location
Jul 30 2014  We continue working on a simple game. This time we'll discuss modeling and texturing models for the location. All is done with Blender.

Creative RSS Feed 253 articles

The Art of Feeding Time: Branding
Jul 30 2014  This article outlines the process of branding a game, refining its logo design and creating a mascot to represent it.

Business RSS Feed 341 articles

WildStar CREDD System Explained
Jul 28 2014  WildStar has launched a brilliant monetization system which should prove to be a game changer.

Reviews RSS Feed 6 articles

Autodesk Character Generator
Mar 12 2014  How would you like a product that completely jumps over the whole character modeling process, or at least that gives you a huge head-start? Well, it's time to rejoice because Autodesk's latest inspiration addresses this critical production step.

GameDev.net Soapbox RSS Feed 12 articles

Is the Game Industry a Bad Place to Work?
Jul 07 2014  A recent article states "poor work conditions and sexism give games industry a bad rap". Is it the sexism and bad working conditions, or is it the sensationalist reporting of these that does the harm?

Gamedev.net Help 25 articles

Guidelines and Tips for Writing Articles
May 13 2014  Interested in writing up an article but don't know where or how to start? Read this for some guidance

Closed Articles RSS Feed 26 articles

Concentration of all The Lessons in Common Win32 Project
Jan 08 2014  All NeHe's OpenGL Lessons integrated in one project in Visual C++ Win32 Visual Studio 2010-2012 pro.