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Creative RSS Feed 298 articles

Narrative-Gameplay Dissonance
Sep 03 2015  An analysis of how narrative and gameplay decisions can become negatively intertwined and suggestions for preventative solutions.

Business RSS Feed 382 articles

Marketing my latest mobile game - post mortem of the first month
Aug 28 2015  Compiling a list and thoughts of my marketing efforts during the first month of my latest mobile game

Reviews RSS Feed 8 articles

Free to play Finger VS Guns now available on Android
Jan 23 2015  Canadian indie game developer launches sequel free to play Finger VS Guns for android phones and tablets.

GameDev.net Soapbox RSS Feed 13 articles

Are You Letting Others In?
Feb 06 2015  Are you missing out on a better quality of work by refusing to collaborate with others more often?

Gamedev.net Help 26 articles

Guidelines and Tips for Writing Articles
Aug 15 2015  Interested in writing up an article but don't know where or how to start? Read this for some guidance

Closed Articles RSS Feed 56 articles

Practical Guide to B-Splines, Part 3: The Ascent
Aug 27 2015  The continuation of our climb up the B-spline mountain. WARNING: The material in this series of articles is very math-intensive and not for the faint of heart.