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Elegant Design: An Applied Example (X-Wing!)
Oct 11 2016  When I started in game design, I read a lot of theory and really lacked tangible examples to ground my knowledge into. Today, I give you a brief look at what elegance means by actually creating a full-fledged example to help aspiring designers.

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The One Page Mentality - Or Knowing Your Place
Sep 26 2016  

When one evolves through a variety of roles in the games industry, it is hard to know exactly what's expected and what's realistic. This line of questionning possibly encompasses all r...

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[Game] [Free] Get ready to defend your ship using Guns and Magic
Apr 16 2016  Get ready to defend your ship using Guns and Magic

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Mr Nothings
Apr 26 2016  Sean T. Barrett AKA the infamous stb guy, was someone I first found out about nearly 5 years ago. I was doing a search for other ansi c programmers out there at the time and was looking at Ryan C. Gordon's database of interesting C projects over at icculus.org. It was on icculus that I found an enigmatic reference to something called the nothings.

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How To Publish on GameDev.net
Jul 30 2016  Learn the process and guidelines to becoming a published author and valued contributor here on GameDev.net

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5 Must-Ask Questions to Start A Successful Indie Project
Jan 06 2016  How to build effective relationships inside the game development team? In this article we'll analyze the features of successful indie project.