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Shadows and Lights on Kepler22 - How I got fully dynamic lights and shadows on my ipad2 shooter game.
Jul 24 2016  In This article I'm briefly describing the lighting system of the Kepler22 game. Kepler22 is an open world game with indoor / outdoor environment and poses some unique challenges that are seldom faced in mobile game development like a wide 16 square km environment, Day/Night cycles, Shadows varying from ultra-big objects, like buildings, to very small ones, like a gun barrel, in-door omnidirectional lights.

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Troubleshooting Physically-Based Content
Jul 21 2016  Physically-based rendering (PBR) is increasing in popularity and with its vast range of benefits, it is no wonder why. Artists can now remove the guesswork around authoring surface attributes and set up a material once, then reuse it throughout game development, freeing up more time to focus on the more creative aspects of asset creation.

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Banya, kid's laptop and a duck or “How we created indie-game”. Part 1 – The Artist.
Jul 24 2016  Hi, everybody! Today I’ll tell you what you need to become a true indie game developer. I’m talking about a poor, hungry, dirty guy, who designs his games at night, while all normal developers sleep in their snug IKEA beds and not some dude with several million dollar budget.

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[Game] [Free] Get ready to defend your ship using Guns and Magic
Apr 16 2016  Get ready to defend your ship using Guns and Magic

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Mr Nothings
Apr 26 2016  Sean T. Barrett AKA the infamous stb guy, was someone I first found out about nearly 5 years ago. I was doing a search for other ansi c programmers out there at the time and was looking at Ryan C. Gordon's database of interesting C projects over at icculus.org. It was on icculus that I found an enigmatic reference to something called the nothings.

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Guidelines and Tips for Writing Articles
Aug 15 2015  Interested in writing up an article but don't know where or how to start? Read this for some guidance

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5 Must-Ask Questions to Start A Successful Indie Project
Jan 06 2016  How to build effective relationships inside the game development team? In this article we'll analyze the features of successful indie project.