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Generalized Platformer AI Pathfinding
Nov 27 2014  In this article, we'll explore a powerful, general technique to guiding "jump and run" style AI through a platforming course to reach an arbitrary destination. This method works with both static geometry and moving level elements, like elevators or wheels.

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Tips for Developers: How to Make a Good Sequel to Your Game
Nov 27 2014  To create a game hit from scratch or to make a good part two for the existing project? Which of the two options is a shortcut to success? The answer is not that obvious as it may seem, for sequel production may be a hard nut to crack.

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Humble Bundle Distribution
Nov 22 2014  Have you considered doing a Humble Bundle for your game? Here's some advice and practical data on the decision.

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A Really Useful Box2D Editor
Oct 10 2014  

A Really Useful Box2D Editor

You're a game developer. Your next project will have Box2D-powered physics, and it'll be awesome. So you wrestle with installers, bui...

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Why Games Don't Have to be Good Anymore
Aug 08 2014  The video game industry is entering market maturity and with that comes a string of quality issues. Here's a quick look at what I mean.

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Opening Up Advertising to the Community
Nov 02 2014  November through December we will be trying an experiment to see if we can sustain the site through community-based advertising. Help support us by obtaining a GDNet+ membership!

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Learn from Irrlicht the API mapping between OpenGL and Direct3D
Nov 26 2014  Discover from the Irrlicht source code, how to map functions between OpenGL and Direct3D.