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screenshot showdown

About the #screenshotsaturday showdown

For those of you who don't know, #screenshotsaturday is a twitter hashtag that was set up to allow people to easily post screenshots of their games in progress. When we were creating our "Image of the Day" feature one of the things we forgot about is that easier is better. We had a lot of information that had to be filled out about your project and we didn't advertise the IOTD very heavily either, so the attention it got was minimal and isolated to those visiting the frontpage of our site. Therefore we're turning our support for posting screenshots on our site to twitter and whole-heartedly recommend that anybody wanting to share screenshots of their games in progress use #screenshotsaturday.

It's simple to do.. just add #screenshotsaturday to any twitter post that has an embedded link to a screenshot and your post will show up not only on Gamedev.net but also the awesome ScreenShotSaturday website. This website provides a weekly digest of all the screenshots posted over the past week along with a rich history of archived screenshots that you can browse through.

Does this showdown turn screenshot posting into a competition?

Oh god no. We're not really serious about the competition element here.. we just want to let viewers pick out the coolest screenshots by putting them head to head. That seemed like the easiest way to choose which screenshots looked the best even if they were still in development. We know that the games are in all stages of development and that sometimes you can't tell much from the image posted.

The side by side comparison is purely to let you choose one that appeals to you more on some level so we can ultimately bubble up the really cool ones from the week. The top images are indeed one week only and you only are comparing images within the same seven day window.

The problem though is that it's really hard to sift through hundreds of screenshots even if they are dumped on the same page. We just wanted to find a way to weight some of them more than others to really highlight some hidden gems out there.

The biggest and I mean biggest point of this is to put the screenshots themselves on stage. If you play the game you are guaranteed to never see a duplicate screenshot at least on the left hand side until you run through all of them from the week.