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screenshot showdown
Which one gives you tingly feelings from your head down to your toes?

Get involved with the game & you could be racing The Dust Pits #screenshotsaturday #indiedev http://t.co/RbTkMVOJiX http://t.co/2JkRveQ59p
By Radial-G

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev Bridge/new enemy in Obsidian Plateau.Which isnt a plateau at all http://t.co/t2O2y5b6ik http://t.co/NffFl7ZSDt
By Jean Canellas

Previous Matchup
Current Score: 749
Wins: 63
Losses: 69

You chose this one!
Current Score: 689
Wins: 90
Losses: 62

Pro tip: Use the left or right arrow keys to quickly select one of the two screenshots!