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... Screens & Info to my RTS "SunAge-blasted into oblivion" ...

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Posted 17 June 2000 - 09:11 PM

Hi guys ! Just a little "teaser"-pic: To see more please go to www.vertex4.com... Note: I''m working on that now for 3.5 years (it was definitly the 1st of Jan in 1997, where I said to myself: let''s do it now...) and the whole programming & gfx are made by me... (Visual C/C++ / inline assembler), for the gfx I use 3DS Max 2.5 (but I began with 3ds4 (what a hazzle))... I''m now in search for a publisher and I really hope to get one, cawz'' this game has really nice features, runs very smoothly (up to 140 fps on a Intel Celeron 300), and last but not least all my love went in there... The background music & sfx are from a mp3-artist angina p. (ok, its my sister, so it''s some sort of family business we''re starting... ) have also a look there => www.mp3.com/anginap There are still lots of things to do (especially in the gfx-section: here''s a little table, how we see completion status: - programming 90-95% - gfx 45-50% - backgroundtunes 70% - sfx 35% - leveldesign 5% - storydesign 35% So, what do you think ? Which publisher / distributor should I contact first ? Is there anybody, who has good addresses ? Appreciating any kind of answer... Thanx, Roman

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Posted 17 June 2000 - 11:54 PM

Very impressive. Post here when you have a demo availiable for download. BTW I like your sisters music, I just downloaded tokyo_6pm and I thought it was great.

-- Kazan - Fire Mountain Games --

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Posted 18 June 2000 - 12:08 AM


Yes, I think you''re right (about the demo), but it would be quite large, cawz'' of the gfx (min 5-10 MB zipped, i guess)...

I have to think about that...


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Posted 19 June 2000 - 02:06 AM

5-10MB isn''t too bad. Quite a lot of demo''s are much larger than that.

-- Kazan - Fire Mountain Games --

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Posted 19 June 2000 - 03:11 AM

Hi !

Oops, I just tried to zip the minimum version of my game, and
it''s still 48 MB with maximum compression...

but anyway, I think I first have to get a publisher and then
to decide if its good or bad to have an early demo of this
game available...

but perhaps I''m having one soon, and then of course I will
post the link to it right here...

greetz, Roman

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Posted 20 June 2000 - 09:33 AM


That game looks very good!!!! Do you mind telling the specs? (resolution and bits per pixel it runs at?) also the whole map, no tiling i see, very kewl!


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Posted 20 June 2000 - 11:59 AM


No tiles, cawz'' I don''t use tiling => the most cool thing about this is, that I play huge InGameVideos right on the Map without increasing memory size at all. (huge platforms moving up & down, large transporters landing, etc...)

The resolution is any your GFX card supports... (or did you mean the resolution of the map???) & the game runs at 16 bpp...


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Posted 26 June 2000 - 01:55 AM

Screen Res is what I meant, thnx...does the game use 3d acceleration? I just see alot of alphablending in their with the rocket smoke and shadows from buildings/characters/etc...

if not, tell me how u did the alpha blending fast enough for a good frames per second...


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Posted 26 June 2000 - 02:21 AM

Hi !

No, no 3d-acceleration now...

The blending-code is in assembler of course, and I load the gfx in a dword-aligned way & I also add (blend) them to dword-addresses, which means, that transparency effects can only be positioned on 2 pix - boundaries, cawz'' otherways you get tons of cache-dismisses, which slows down rendering in a very uncool way...

Most of the transparency effects are no real blending-fx they are just adding or subtracting the source values...

I only use real alpha blending for any kind of bg-objects (burnt grounds, craters, aso.) which can be placed in my level-editor, cawz'' this is kind of slow. the little rocks surrounding my plateaus (on my homepage www.vertex4.com there are some of those pics...) e.g. are rendered into the map at level-loading-time, because rendering such large maps in 3dsmax , with a detail-level like this, would take quite a little time...

greetz, Roman

Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.