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2D artist wanted for cool Cell phone game !

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#1 asmcoder   Members   -  Reputation: 100

Posted 13 September 2005 - 10:36 AM

I m seeking a 2D pixel artist for my next mobile game project , no experience needed but artist should have good skills on drawing little sprites and animating them ( 2-3 animation frames) ,Please send me some samples,if you dont have any please reply as well !This is a "for credits" work ( maybe it going to be some pay after publishing if game get some success,but no guaranties about that ) if you think you are good but you have no professional experience on mobile games, that will be a good start for you to get some needed experience for geting a job, blah blah blah... Please send me an email if you feel interested,or just PM...Thanks. asmcoder1@gmail.com. Here is the needed style...Cool & Tiny...The first charachter is taken from MetalSlug game,so it is copyrighted to it's owner,I think SNK ,I'v made the others( They are not that good but I can improve them . after all,I'v made both of them in 15 minutes...) Please contact me if you can make sprites like this one and interested to work on a cool mobile game. Team name: N/A Project name: Willing to be changed any time! Brief description: This is a 2D plattformer/Side-Scrolling game that is intented to run on the majority of cell phones , the hero will have a bunch of weapons and guns to kill enemies , same case for enemies that try to kill player , at the end of each level,player will face and destoy an End-Level-Boss to gain access to the next level,here are levels : Level1 = Egyptian desert. Level2 = Inside Pyramids . Level3 = Megalopolice. Level4 = China Town. Level5 = Cymetry. P.S = Level3 and 4 are willing to be changed ... :P . Artist who'll get into this ,will learn all things involved on mobile games Gfx production , I will explain everything such as memory restrictions , sprites optimization and Mobile game Life cycle ...I will also use some tricky thechnics to save memory space and to make things easy for both programmer and artist.So this is an excelent start for artist seeking experience and knowledge on mobile games. Target aim: This is a 2D game for mobile phones,will be ported to the majority of mobile constuctors phones . Compensation: No pay,just a "for credits" work , maybe it's going to be some pay but no guaranties for that ( That depends on how much money game is going to earn , if it earns good money , artist going to have some , and if he's good he'll work on next game project and pay will be for sure then) artist name will be listed on credits screen , and on the game web site when it's finished,. Artist will be - by then - credited in a cool published mobile game title , and maybe a hit on mobile plattform (wich is a must to get jobs on mobile games company such Gameloft,Macrospace....) :P Technology: Artist can use any softwar he likes such Photoshop ,Paint pro .... Talent needed: I would welcome any good 2D pixel/sprites artist who is sure about his potentials but never worked on mobile video games and who want to get credited as a start, or any good artist who wants to make gfx for this game ,for any reason he may have ( not malicious reasons anyway , I have a proficient system to detect and punish malicious persons ,so be aware he he he):D . the Only requirement : Artist must be a funny person , and this is a MUST :D I Forgot one : He needs to be easy to contact , if I dont get any reply for 3 days,I would think : Poor artist,he's certanly dead ! :P Team structure: Designer and coder , needed a 2D artist and musician later Website: No clicky link for now :P , until my previous game or this current game finished and about to be released . Contacts: You can PM me or send email to: asmcoder1@gmail.com Feedback: Anything you want to say is welcome , just PM! :P [Edited by - asmcoder on October 1, 2005 6:42:41 AM]


#2 evelyn   Members   -  Reputation: 938

Posted 29 September 2005 - 12:00 AM

....on drawing little spirits..
aw, cute...but don't you mean sprites?. ..and if not, is there a market for possessed phones?
just teasing :)

Old topic!
Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.